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  1. Baby Cardigan With Lace Pattern
    Baby Cardigan with Lace Pattern, Alma
    As low as €17.45
  2. MELDA Girls Summer Dress Both
    Girls Summer Dress Melda
    As low as €13.45
  3. TALIA Childrens Long Sweatpants
    Childrens Long Sweatpants, Talia
    As low as €12.45
  4. KHAN Boys Sweatshirts gray
    Boys Sweatshorts, Khan
    As low as €9.95
  5. Girls Top Liddy
    Short-Sleeved Girls shirt Twill, Liddy
    As low as €12.45
  6. Girls Skirt Liddy
    Bell Shaped Girl’s Skirt Striped Twill, Evie
    As low as €13.45
  7. Girls Dress Freja
    Striped Twill Dress, Freja
    As low as €17.45
  8. Pant Dea
    Slim Children’s Pant Twill, Dea
    As low as €18.45
  9. IRMA Baby Tunic Parrots
    Baby Tunic with Parrots, Irma
    As low as €9.45
  10. EDITH Long Sleeve Baby Tunic
    Long Sleeve Baby Tunic, Edith
    As low as €9.95
  11. DOLORES Baby Reversible Shirt Leopards Both
    Baby Reversible with Leopards, Dolores
    As low as €12.45
  12. AMEA Baby Dress Both
    Baby Dress in Yellow Stripe or with a cute print, Amea
    As low as €10.95
  13. MAYA Baby Shorts Jersey Both
    Baby Shorts with Colourful Leopards, Maya
    As low as €4.95
  14. LARA Baby 3/4 Leggings Stripes
    Three-quarter Length Striped Leggings, Lara
    As low as €6.45
  15. TOBI Baby Shirt Both
    Cute Baby T-shirt in Turquoise or Green, Tobi
    As low as €7.45
  16. ODO Baby Shirt All
    Colourful Baby Shirt in Stripes or Print, Odo
    As low as €7.45
  17. TAMO Baby T-Shirt Kangaroo Pocket
    Baby T-Shirt in navy with Kangaroo Pocket, Tamo
    As low as €10.43
  18. FELIX Baby Reversible Shirt Both
    Baby Reversible in Navy with Tiger, Felix
    As low as €12.45
  19. YOEKY Baby Striped Playsuit Tiger
    Baby Striped Playsuit with Tiger, Yoeky
    As low as €11.45
  20. KORA Baby Sweatshirt Leopard navy
    Baby Sweatshirt with Leopard, Kora
    As low as €11.45
  21. ASKO Baby Sweat Pants Both
    Sweat Pants Leopard Grey or Pink, Asko
    As low as €9.95
  22. ETU Baby Sweatshirt Both
    Baby Sweatshirt Lion or Giraffe, Etu
    As low as €11.45
  23. KENDRA Baby Blouse Tunic Muslin Both
    Cute Baby Blouse Muslin, Kendra
    As low as €12.45
  24. CHARLIE Baby Shorts Muslin All
    Colourful Baby Shorts Muslin, Charlie
    As low as €13.93
  25. Baby Trouser Nilo
    Baby Trouser Stripe Twill, Nilo
    As low as €12.45
  26. TILLY Baby Shirt Stripes Both
    Baby T-Shirt Giraffe, Tilly
    As low as €7.45
  27. EMILIO Jersey Baby Shorts Both
    Light Baby Jersey Shorts, Emilio
    As low as €4.95
  28. DANA RETRO Vest Both
    Girls Vest Fairtrade Cotton, Dana
    As low as €4.95
  29. DON RETRO Vest Undershirt Both
    Boy’s Undershirts Fairtrade Cotton, Don
    As low as €6.93
  30. PRINCE RETRO Boxershorts Boys 2 Pack Both
    Boys Retro Boxer Shorts Fairtrade Cotton, Prince
    As low as €8.95
  31. EMILIO RETRO Baby Shorts Stripes Both
    Light Striped Baby Shorts, Emilio
    As low as €4.95
  32. BIB RETRO Reversible Dribble Bib Both
    Baby Bandana Savanna, Bib
    As low as €4.45
  33. 2011405_Nila_both
    Colourful Baby Tunic, Nila
    As low as €9.95
  34. 2011415_Enie
    Summer Baby T-Shirt tri-colour, Enie
    As low as €7.45
  35. 2011751_Maya_both
    Bloomer shorts for babies, Maya
    As low as €4.95
  36. 2011753_Tobi_all
    Baby t-shirt in three colours, Tobi
    As low as €7.45
  37. 2011759_Mimi
    Colourful baby dress, Mimi
    As low as €12.45
  38. 2011774_Holm
    Baby Muslin Tanktop, Holm
    As low as €9.95
  39. 2011789_Luca_both
    Short, knitted baby dungarees, Luca
    As low as €17.45
  40. Tilly_both
    Baby Basic T-Shirt with Appliqué, Tilly
    As low as €7.45
  41. Tilly_retro_both
    Baby T-Shirts Retro Style, Tilly
    As low as €7.45
  42. GADA Baby Stripes Shirt Gathering Both
    Baby Striped Shirt with Gathering, Gada
    As low as €7.45
  43. NANA Baby Butterfly T-shirt Both
    Baby T-shirt with Cap Sleeves, Nana
    As low as €7.45
  44. LOUISE Baby T-Shirt Stripes ¾ Sleeves Both
    Baby T-Shirts Stripe with ¾ Sleeves, Louise
    As low as €8.45
  45. LOUISE Girls T-Shirt ¾ Sleeves Stripes Both
    Girls T-Shirts with ¾ Sleeves, Louise
    As low as €9.45
  46. LARA ¾ Baby Leggings Both
    Three-quarter Length Baby Leggings, Lara
    As low as €6.45
  47. LARA Girls  ¾ leggings both
    Three-quarter Length Leggings, Lara
    As low as €9.73
  48. HANS Baby Long Sleeve Shirt both
    Baby Long Sleeve Shirt Zebra or Tiger, Hans
    As low as €9.45
  49. NYSSA Baby Muslin Tunic All
    Comfortable Baby Muslin Tunic, Nyssa
    As low as €12.45
  50. NEELA Baby Summer Dress Muslin All
    Baby Summer Dress in Muslin, Neela
    As low as €14.95
  51. LOKI Baby Pants Muslin All
    Baby Pants Made of Light Muslin, Loki
    As low as €11.45
  52. Leotie - Baby Sweatshirt
    Baby Girl Sweatshirt, Leotie
    As low as €12.45
  53. Aamu - Skirt
    Short Skirt in sweat fabric, Aamu
    As low as €9.95
  54. Hurit-girls-knit-cardigan-all
    Beautiful Girls Knit Cardigan in plain colour, Hurit
    As low as €21.45
  55. Marva-knit-dress
    Girls knitted Dress with colourful yoke, Marva
    As low as €23.45
  56. Leja - Baby Shirt
    Long sleeve Baby Shirt, Leja
    As low as €9.45
  57. Adsila - Baby Shirt
    Girls baby Tunic, Adsila
    As low as €9.95
  58. Dolores - Reversible Shirt
    Girls reversible Shirt in navy, Dolores
    As low as €12.45
  59. Anni - Baby Dress
    Autumn Baby Dress, Anni
    As low as €12.45

Items 1-60 of 173

Set Descending Direction


Discounted organic cotton clothing for babies and children

The Sense Organics treasure chest offers cost-effective organic cotton clothing for babies and children. It mainly contains items from the previous season. When winter ends, we need to make room for our new collection of airy, lightweight fabrics for spring and summer. Our little in-house fashion outlet offers you the best deals at sale prices.

Our discounted offerings are still of outstanding quality and meet the best sustainability standards: cost-effective, but still beautiful, sustainable and long-lasting. Many of our designs are timeless, so any items you buy on sale now will still be on-trend next year. Bargain hunters can browse our dresses, pants, leggings, onesies, sweatshirts, hats, shirts, rompers and jackets for boys and girls from ages 0 to 9.

Our organic cotton is durable and easy-care. All of our clothing can go into the washing machine without a second thought.


Sense Organics – durable, beautiful and sustainable

With our sale items, you have a double win: good prices and high quality. All of our organic cotton clothing in the Sale section is beautiful and sustainable. Our sale items are the perfect gift for smart savers. Treat your friends and family members to beautiful fashion for their little ones.

Like all of the Sense Organics products, our sale products are toxin-free, fairly traded and eco-friendly. All of the products in the Sale section are made from skin-friendly organic cotton. 


Strict requirements, high standards – GOTS certification

All of our products are comprehensively certified. In order to receive GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard), the entire production process needs to be fair, toxin-free and eco-friendly. That prevents exploitation, abuse and environmental damage – which allows for an enriching, equal collaboration. Annual checks of the production facilities create consistent, reproducible quality. They also guarantee a lack of child labor and fair conditions for the workers. Our employees regularly make on-site visits to help the factories with their quality control.

Sense Organics, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. All Rights Reserved.