Sustainable Baby Dresses

Whether in everyday life or for a festive occasion: With us you will find a suitable baby dress for your child for every occasion. In addition to great designs and bright colors, all our products are fair and sustainably produced.

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  1. Baby dress / MIMI / aop desert / front part
    Summer dress for babies, MIMI
    As low as €24.95
  2. Baby dress / AMEA / all
    Baby summer dress, AMEA
    As low as €22.95
  3. Baby dress / NEELA / all
    Baby dress in two colors, NEELA
    As low as €29.95
  4. Baby dress / TUANA / blue / front part
    Baby summer dress with floral embroidery, TUANA
    As low as €36.95
  5. Baby knitted dress / ORLA / grey blue / front part
    Organic knit dress for babies, ORLA
    As low as €34.95
  6. Baby Knit Dress / FLORA / all
    Baby Knit Dress in Two Colors, FLORA
    As low as €13.95
  7. Baby Dress / TABITA / all
    Printed Baby Dress Long Sleeve, TABITA
    As low as €12.45
  8. Neela Summer Dress Baby all
    Baby Summer Muslin Dress, Neela
    As low as €14.95
  9. Amea Baby Dress both
    Baby Dress in Stripe or Pink, Amea
    As low as €11.95
  10. Cintia Babydress
    Baby Long Sleeve Dress with Little Dots, Cintia
    As low as €12.45
  11. Baby Dress Tabita
    Printed Long Sleeve Baby Dress, Tabita
    As low as €12.45
  12. AMEA Baby Dress Both
    Baby Dress in Yellow Stripe or with a cute print, Amea
    As low as €10.95
  13. NEELA Baby Summer Dress Muslin All
    Baby Summer Dress in Muslin, Neela
    As low as €14.95

14 Items

Set Descending Direction

Organic Baby Dresses for every Season

Are you looking for a casual or a festive dress for your baby? In our shop we have sustainable dresses available for every occasion, everyday life, a birthday party or a wedding. Your baby can wear our clothes all year round. In summer, our garments are light and airy on the skin so that your child does not sweat. In winter you can combine our dresses ideally with leggings or cardigans.

Our organic cotton dresses for babies are available in different designs that feel totally comfortable to wear. With us you get sustainable dresses with butterfly sleeves, gathered wide elastic waistbands or a comfortable, wide-cut summer dress. The nickel-free press studs ensure that you can easily put on and take off even the festive dresses. After a growth spurt, you can simply convert the dress into a baby doll top and continue to use it for several months. Couldn’t be more sustainable if we tried.


Durable Baby Clothing in many Designs

Whether modern prints, neutral light tones or a vintage look: We offer you our sustainable baby dresses in many different designs. What unites all parts: Every product in our shop is produced sustainably and fair. In addition, we use 100% organic cotton. Your baby will also love the soft cuddly fabric. It’s important for newborns to wear clothing that prevents itching and redness. Our clothes not only look beautiful, they also feel amazing on.

Our sustainable baby dresses are also suitable as gifts for friends and family for various occasions.


GOTS-certified Baby Dresses

All our products are extensively certified. In order to obtain GOTS certification, all production must be fair, non-toxic and ecological. This avoids exploitation, grievances and environmental damage when making a purchase. Together we can take another step towards greater sustainability. The GOTS label inspects the production facilities annually to guarantee quality. In addition, our employees regularly travel to our manufacturers to help them with certification. In this way, we guarantee fair conditions and exclude child labour.

In addition, our manufacturers are SA 8000 certified and part of our collection is made of Fairtrade (FLO) certified cotton. These are further standards that exclude child labor, guarantee dignified working conditions and thus significantly respect and promote human rights.

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