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Sustainable Gifts for Babies and Children

Finding the right gift for a baby or child can be quite difficult. Gifting a sustainable gift you can never go wrong. Discover our selection from stuffed animals to muslin cloths. If you're not sure, a gift card is also a great choice.

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  1. Gift Voucher 10 DE
    Gift Voucher: 10 e-card
  2. Soft Toy Pig complete
    Soft toy Pinkie Piglet, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  3. Soft Toy Ape complete
    Soft toy Archie Ape, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  4. Soft Toy Rabbit complete
    Soft Toy Rabbit, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  5. Soft Toy Teddy complete
    Soft toy Teddy, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  6. Soft Toy Hippo complete
    Soft Toy Hippo, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  7. Ygon Long Sleeve Body Classic All
    Long Sleeve Body Classic, Ygon
    As low as €12.90
  8. Yvon Long Sleeve Body Baby All
    Baby Long Sleeve Body Classic, Yvon
    As low as €11.90
  9. Karli Baby Trousers Waffle Both
    Baby Trousers Classic Waffle Jersey, Karli
    As low as €11.90
  10. Lambskin
    Baby and children's lambskin, medically tanned by Trautwein
    As low as €59.95
  11. Lambskin_stroller
    Lambskin for stroller or child seat, medically tanned by Trautwein
    As low as €59.95
  12. Steinbeck blanket
    Baby Blanket made in Germany by Steinbeck 75 cm x 100 cm
    As low as €49.95
  13. Children´s knitted hat / Model MOKO / All
    Knitted children's hat, model MOKO
    As low as €10.95
  14. Baby bib / BIB / all
    Baby triangular muslin cloth, BIB
    As low as €6.45
  15. Children’s scarf / ELIM / all
    Children's muslin scarf, ELIM
    As low as €6.95
  16. Yo Baby Hat with Cuff and Toucan all
    Baby Hat with Cuff and Toucan, Yo
    As low as €3.95

19 Items

Set Descending Direction

The Right Gift for Everyone

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge - especially when it comes to clothing for children and babies. Maybe the design or motif isn't right, the color is off, or the materials were used are unsustainable and irritate children's delicate skin. To ensure that children and parents are happy, you will find a large selection of gift ideas here, all of which are produced sustainably, ecologically and fair. If you can't decide, our E-Card gift cards are always a great idea.

Our gifts are a safe yet exceptional choice. We stand for timeless, beautiful designs and holistic production that values both people and nature. Our products do good on so many levels. For example: We pay a premium to the farmers who harvest our organic cotton. We support sustainable living and working in India and set the highest standards in the fashion world.

Sustainable gifts have an advantage, they are long-lasting and can therefore be enjoyed for a long time. Products such as gift vouchers, accessories or clothing for older children can be a great alternative, especially for young parents who are often already well equipped when it comes to the initial basics for their baby. Gifts for a 2 or 3 year old, as well as sustainable gift ideas for 5 year olds, are available here. You will find suitable gift ideas for babies or toddlers that are not only practical, but also meaningful and sustainable.


Fair Gift Ideas for Babies

Our gifts not only delight the recipients, but also help create a fairer and more sustainable world. With our products made from organic cotton, you not only give beautiful and fashionable clothes to your children, but you also set an example for conscious consumption and social responsibility.

All products you find in our shop are free of toxins, fairly produced and ecologically sustainable. When you choose an item from us, you support fair working conditions and the protection of our environment. Not only is this good for the planet, but it also shows the youngest members of our society how important it is to act responsibly and take care of the world we live in.


Sustainable Gifts with GOTS Certificate

We have extensive certifications for all of our products, including the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This guarantees that our entire manufacturing process takes place under fair conditions, without toxic substances and in an environmentally friendly manner. We actively work to prevent exploitation and poor working conditions and to minimize environmental damage. We carry out checks in our production facilities every year to ensure consistent quality. Child labor is a no go for us and we are committed to fair working conditions. Our employees are regularly on site to check compliance with these standards and to ensure the quality of our products.

In addition to the GOTS certification, all of our products are also certified according to the SA 8000 standards and are partly made with Fairtrade (FLO) certified cotton. These standards exclude child labor, ensure decent working conditions and therefore make a significant contribution to ensuring that we respect and promote human rights.

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