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All kids love stuffed toys!

You sure still remember your favourite plush toy? Where ever you were going the teddy had to be there as well, right?!
No night, no day not even thinking about a travel, without your cuddly friend. Sure enough, the teddy bear is a classical style, but other stuffed animals as rabbits, zebras or sheep let kids hearts beat faster as well.

Such a little friend is always there for your small one, whether that it helps falling asleep, giving consolation or simply being a pal. No boy or girl feels lonely with their beloved plush teddy at hand.

You never can do anything wrong with a cuddly animal as a present.

At any season and for any occasion plush animals conjure a smile into children faces and make them happy. For Christmas, Easter, birthdays or as a gift for a new-born, stuffed animals are always a favourite gift option.

As you know, Sense Organics puts a large emphasis on organic fabrics and fair production for our baby and kids clothing ranges.

So when it comes to soft toys, even more aspects are important for us. 
What fabrics are the teddy bears made out of?
Under which conditions are the stuffed toys produced?

We offer a small selection of plush animals from Kallisto and Jim Knopf, whereas both companies focus on different facets.

The teddy bear, rabbit and hippo are all made out of 100% organic cotton, hold the CE certification, are vegan and made in Germany. As the cotton plush is so cuddly, already the very small children enjoy snuggling up with their new friend.

The sheep Elsa, zebra Sanni and dog Benno are all handmade in a small social project in Nepal. By buying the wool of their sheep, local families are supported and women are offered work. All stuffed animals are uniquely crocheted without any hard elements to them, so your little sweetheart can start to cuddle up right a ways.

By the way, all our plush animals can be washed in the delicate cycle in your washing machine or hand washed - so just in case this becomes necessary.

We like to invite you to browse around the category toys in our Sense Organics web shop and we are curious which soft toy captures your heart first.
With our stuffed animals, that furthermore consider social, organic and ecological aspects, you can make your boy or girl happy with a good conscience.