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  1. Soft Toy Ape complete
    Soft toy Archie Ape, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  2. Soft Toy Teddy complete
    Soft toy Teddy, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  3. Soft Toy Pig complete
    Soft toy Pinkie Piglet, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  4. Soft Toy Rabbit complete
    Soft Toy Rabbit, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90

4 Items

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Organic cotton stuffed animals for children

Our organic cotton plush teddy bears, monkeys, rabbits, hippos and piglets will quickly become a favorite stuffed animal. Cuddly, cute and sustainable – who can say no? Often, it’s impossible to get through the night, daytime and especially a trip without a beloved stuffed animal. Our organic cotton plush animals will make every kid’s heart skip a beat.

Stuffed animals are loyal companions and friends at bedtime. They provide a sense of security and spark imaginative stories whenever the nursery zoo goes on another adventure. Stuffed animals can fill entire beds and cozy corners; they invite children to relax and linger – and yes, stuffed animals are always the perfect gift for little ones. That’s why we offer Sense Organics stuffed animals year-round.

All of our plush animals can be washed on the wool setting in your washing machine or by hand. Durable organic cotton makes these stuffed animals low-maintenance friends.


Sense Organics – durable, beautiful and sustainable

Snuggly and durable: all of our stuffed animals are also beautiful and sustainable! That makes them the perfect gift from friends and family members for various occasions. 

Like all of the Sense Organics products, our stuffed animals are toxin-free and fairly traded.


Strict requirements, high standards – GOTS certification

All of our products are comprehensively certified. In order to receive GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard), the entire production process needs to be fair, toxin-free and eco-friendly. That prevents exploitation, abuse and environmental damage – which allows for an enriching, equal collaboration. Annual checks of the production facilities create consistent, reproducible quality. They also guarantee a lack of child labor and fair conditions for the workers. Our employees regularly make on-site visits to help the factories with their quality control.

All of our stuffed animals are made from skin-friendly organic cotton. 

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