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Children love to play and you’ll feel good knowing our toys are produced in fair conditions and made from non-toxic materials. Discover our selected range of sustainable stuffed animals for babies and children.

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  1. Soft Toy Ape complete
    Soft toy Archie Ape, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  2. Soft Toy Teddy complete
    Soft toy Teddy, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  3. Soft Toy Hippo complete
    Soft Toy Hippo, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  4. Soft Toy Pig complete
    Soft toy Pinkie Piglet, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  5. Soft Toy Rabbit complete
    Soft Toy Rabbit, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90

5 Items

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Toys made from non-toxic materials

A cuddly toy is the perfect companion for every child. And certainly no journey is possible without having your favorite stuffed animal with you. Cuddly toys are friends when falling asleep, they provide security and they help fire up the imagination. Especially when the children's room zoo goes on a ramble again. Stuffed animals are known to fill entire beds and cozy corners. They invite your child to relax and settle in whether it be for nap time, bed time or relaxation. And yes, cuddly animals are the right gift for the little ones. That's why our sustainable stuffed animals are available all year round.

Babies explore their toys in creative ways, sometime using their hands or their mouths. In order to protect your child, we rely on natural, non-toxic materials. This is particularly important at the beginning of your child's development. You can rest assure our toys are safe for your child. Artificial materials - as in many commercially available toys - can have a negative impact on your child's health.


Vegan soft toys made from organic cotton for children

Cuddly, sustainable and vegan: Our teddies, monkeys, rabbits, hippos and piglets will quickly become the favorite cuddly toys. We only use organic cotton so that your child can snuggle up carefree to our sustainable stuffed animals. The material we use are gentle on the skin, causing no irritation. In addition, we use the softest of materials. You can wash all our stuffed animals in the washing machine’s wool program or by hand. Our robust organic cotton makes these soft toys easy to care for and the best of friends.


Durable toys for your loved ones

Thanks to high-quality materials, our sustainable toy have longevity. This makes our stuffed animals cuddly and robust at the same time. They are ideal gifts for friends and family for various occasions. Like all our products, our sustainable stuffed animals are non-toxic, fair trade and ecological.

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