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  1. Baby Shirt Arlena
    Baby Long Sleeve Shirt in Bright Colours, Arlena
    As low as €14.90
  2. Baby Shirt with Flowers Arlena
    Baby Shirt with Flowers, Arlena
    As low as €16.90
  3. Colourful Baby Leggings, Linda
    Colourful Baby Leggings, Linda
    As low as €11.90
  4. Baby Basic Shirt , Luke
    Baby Basic Shirts in many Colours, Luke
    As low as €14.90
  5. Cardigan for boys and girls ELIA
    Baby Cardigan in Bright Colours, Elia
    As low as €34.90
  6. Baby knit leggings YUMA in natural white, orange, rosewwod and anthracite
    Baby Knit Leggings, Yuma
    As low as €24.90
  7. Baby Body  Milan Flower
    Baby Body with Cuffs, Milan
    As low as €12.90
  8. Baby Shirt Leja 2 Colours
    Colorful Baby Long Sleeve Shirt, Leja
    As low as €18.90
  9. Baby Shirt Klara
three color ways
    Baby Girl Long Sleeve Shirt, Klara
    As low as €18.90
  10. Baby Shirt Dolores reversible colourway
    Baby Reversible Shirt, Dolores
    As low as €24.90
  11. Cintia Babydress
    Baby Long Sleeve Dress with Little Dots, Cintia
    As low as €24.90
  12. Baby Dress Tabita
    Printed Long Sleeve Baby Dress, Tabita
    As low as €24.90
  13. Baby Pant Sina
    Colourful Baby Pants, Sina
    As low as €16.90
  14. Baby Pant Vanna
    Baby Pull-on Trousers with Ruffles, Vanna
    As low as €16.90
  15. Baby Pants Baker reversible
    Orange Double-Layer Baby Pants, Baker
    As low as €19.90
  16. Baby Body Milan
    Monochrome Baby Bodysuit with Cuffs, Milan
    As low as €12.90
  17. Baby Shirt Luna
    Baby Long Sleeve Shirt with Walrus or Polar Bear, Luna
    As low as €18.90
  18. Baby Shirt Elan all three
    Baby Long Sleeve Shirt in Stripe or Application, Elan
    As low as €18.90
  19. Baby Shirt Felix
    Colourful Reversible Baby Shirt, Felix
    As low as €24.90
  20. Baby Pant Sjors
    Baby Pant in Different Colours, Sjors
    As low as €12.90
  21. Baby Pant Sjors
    Colourful Baby Pant, Sjors
    As low as €16.90
  22. Baby Pant Asko
    Baby Jogger Pant, Asko
    As low as €18.90
  23. Baby Pant Baker
    Reversible Baby Pant in Petrol, Baker
    As low as €19.90
  24. Baby Sweater Nolani
    Baby Sweatshirt for Girls, Nolani
    As low as €24.90
  25. Baby Sweat Dress Ina
    Long Sleeve Sweat Dress for Babies, Ina
    As low as €26.90
  26. Baby Sweat Overal Strindberg
    Baby Sweat Overall Girls, Strindberg
    As low as €26.90
  27. Baby Jogger Pants Nia
    Baby Jogger Pants Polar Bear, Nia
    As low as €19.90
  28. Baby wrap Sweat Jacket Noa
    Light Sweat Jacket for Babies, Noa
    As low as €26.90
  29. Baby Sweatshirts Etu
    Baby Sweatshirts Polar Bear or Peguin, Etu
    As low as €24.90
  30. Hooded Sweat Jacket Siro
    Hooded Sweat Jacket for Babies, Siro
    As low as €34.90
  31. Baby Overall Simba
    Baby Sweat Overall Polar Bear, Simba
    As low as €24.90
  32. Sweat Overall Strindberg red Stripes Polar Bear
    Baby Sweat Overall Ringel, Strindberg
    As low as €26.90
  33. Baby Sweatpants Candy
    Baby Jogger Pants, Candy
    As low as €19.90
  34. Baby Sweatpants Matti
    Comfortable Baby Jogger Pants, Matti
    As low as €19.90
  35. Baby Twill Pant Kalani
    Baby Twill Trouser Lined, Kalani
    As low as €29.90
  36. Baby dungarees Janis
    Corduroy Baby Dungarees Janis
    As low as €34.90
  37. Baby Jacket Yuri
    NEW: Baby Jacket in Quilted Jersey, Yuri
    As low as €21.90
  38. Baby Overall Makana
    NEW: Cuddly Baby Quilted Jersey Overall, Makana
    As low as €24.90
  39. Baby Trouser Nalu
    NEW: Cuddly Quilted Jersey Baby Trousers, Nalu
    As low as €16.90
  40. Baby cardigan P.PICASSO, Colours: blue, rosewood or anthracite
    Baby Knitted Jacket in Three Colours, P.Picasso
    As low as €32.90
  41. Warm Knitted Baby Sweater, Victor
    Warm Knitted Baby Sweater, Victor
    As low as €32.90
  42. Baby knit sweater VICTOR, Avaiable in two jacquard patterns: Blue with reindeer in white and Blue with penguins in pink
    Baby Knit Sweater with Reindeer or Penguin, Victor
    As low as €32.90
  43. Baby knitted sweater Victor baby, front-back
    Baby Knit Sweater with Polar Bear, Victor
    As low as €32.90
  44. Baby knit sweater with diamond knit KEME, Two colour-ways: rosewood or anthracite
    Baby Sweater with Knit Pattern, Keme
    As low as €32.90
  45. Warm baby cardigan ERIN, Colours: pink with white dots or anthracite with small knitted dots
    Baby Cardigan with Cute Dots, Erin
    As low as €34.90
  46. Baby cardigan MAXIM, Colour: blue with a round yoke in orange with reindeer
    Baby Cardigan with Reindeer, Maxim
    As low as €34.90
  47. Knitted baby dress FLORA, in rosewood
    Baby Embroidery Dress, Flora
    As low as €36.90
  48. Baby knitted leggings PABLO, Colour: blue and pink
    Slim Knitted Baby Leggings, Pablo
    As low as €27.90
  49. Baby knitted leggings ETENIA, Colours: rosewood and anthracite
    Slim Knitted Baby Leggings, Etenia
    As low as €27.90
  50. Baby knit trousers PROUST, Colours: orange or anthracite
    Comfortable Knitted Baby Trousers, Proust
    As low as €28.90
  51. Baby knitted dungaree FLORIN,  Colours: blue, orange, rosewood or anthracite
    Cute Baby Knit Dungarees, Florin
    As low as €32.90
  52. Long baby knit romper YACI, Colours: Colours: orange, rosewood or anthracite
    Organic Baby Knitted Overall, Yaci
    As low as €44.90
  53. Baby Knitted Hat, Marcel, Colours: blue, rosewood or anthracite
    Baby Knitted Hat, Marcel
    As low as €19.90
  54. Baby blanket ZEUS, Colour: jacquard pattern in blue and natural white or orange and natural. white
    Knitted Blanket with Jacquard Pattern, Zeus
    As low as €39.90
  55. Fairtrade Cotton Long Sleeve Wrap Body, Ygon, Available in two colour-ways: pink with a snowy owl print or aqua witih a husky print
    Fairtrade Cotton Long Sleeve Wrap Body, Ygon
    As low as €14.90
  56. Fairtrade Cotton Long-Sleeved Body, Yvon
    Fairtrade Cotton Long-Sleeved Body, Yvon
    As low as €12.90
  57. Fairtrade Cotton Baby Romper with Feet, Ysior
    Fairtrade Cotton Baby Romper with Feet, Ysior
    As low as €21.90
  58. Fairtrade Cotton Baby Overall in Terry, Viktor
    Fairtrade Cotton Baby Overall in Terry, Viktor
    As low as €26.90
  59. Long-sleeved Baby Shirt, Timber
    Long-sleeved Baby Shirt, Timber
    As low as €14.90
  60. Fairtrade Cotton Baby Shirt in Stripes, Timber
    Fairtrade Cotton Baby Shirt in Stripes, Timber
    As low as €14.90

Items 1-60 of 215

Set Descending Direction


Sense Organics baby clothing made from sustainable organic cotton

The baby clothing from Sense Organics saves you all the stress of searching for the right rompers, onesies, baby hats and much more. All of our fabrics are fairly traded, non-toxic and organically farmed. When you choose our products, you are helping nature and giving your baby the best clothing for healthy development.

You can easily recommend Sense Organics to your friends and family – just send them our website link via WhatsApp or email. Our site helps everyone find beautiful, sustainable baby fashion that lets the skin breathe and invites snuggles.

As a pioneer for eco-friendly, responsible children’s and baby clothing, we offer one of the most comprehensive ecological and ethical standards you can find in the baby fashion world. Our future deserves a healthy planet with beautiful clothes.


Organic baby clothing for all your baby basics

Are you shopping for baby basics? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have put together a list of important clothing items for your baby.



Durable organic baby clothing and seasonal basics

The granola look is so yesterday. Our sustainable organic fashion not only looks good, it is good for nature and the environment. Why not choose the best you can offer your baby? Our designs, prints and colors are lovingly chosen, offering gorgeous highlights for every occasion. For people feeling nostalgic about their own childhood, we also offer retro and vintage looks. We have the right basics in stock according to the season. The collections change every summer and winter.

Sustainability comes with durability – many of our fashion pieces grow along with you, so they can be worn as multiple sizes. In addition, Sense Organics uses timeless designs. That means every piece can be handed down to siblings or friends, and your purchase is worth twice as much.


Strict requirements, high standards – GOTS certification

All of our products are comprehensively certified. In order to receive GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard), the entire production process needs to be fair, toxin-free and eco-friendly. That prevents exploitation, abuse and environmental damage – which allows for an enriching, equal collaboration. Annual checks of the production facilities create consistent, reproducible quality. They also guarantee a lack of child labor and fair conditions for the workers. Our employees regularly make on-site visits to help the factories with their quality control.



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