Sustainable Girls' Trousers, Leggings and Shorts

Casual twill pants, comfortable sweatpants or cuddly leggings: With us you will find the right girl's trousers for every occasion. All our products are sustainably produced and made from organic cotton.

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  1. Girl Leggings / LINDA / all
    Girl Leggings in Four Colors, LINDA
    As low as €6.45
  2. Girls Knitted Leggings / YUMA / all
    Girls Knitted Leggings in Five Colors, YUMA
    As low as €14.95
  3. Children's Sweatpants / KAMMI / all
    Children's Sweatpants in Two Colors, KAMMI
    As low as €11.95
  4. Children's Sweatpants / JARNO / all
    Sweatpants for Boys and Girls, JARNO
    As low as €13.95
  5. Children's Twill Trousers / DEA / all
    Twill Trousers for Boys and Girls, DEA
    As low as €19.95
  6. Children's Lined Twill Trousers / KAITO / all
    Lined Twill Trousers for Boys and Girls, KAITO
    As low as €21.45
  7. Wala Pant Red White
    NEW: Summery Twill Palazzo Pants, Wala
    As low as €14.95
  8. Magali Palazzo Style Sweatpants both
    NEW: Palazzo Style Sweatpants, Magali
    As low as €12.95
  9. Marlen Cozy Girls Sweatshorts all
    Cozy Girls Sweatshorts, Marlen
    As low as €9.95
  10. Lara 3/4 Leggings Kids all
    Girls Leggings Three-Quarter Length in 4 Colours, Lara
    As low as €6.95
  11. Dea Pant Blue Pink both
    Children’s Slim Twill Long Trousers, Dea
    As low as €13.95
  12. Bimisi Comfy Twill Kids Pant Red Blue both
    Comfy Twill Kids Pant, Bimisi
    As low as €18.95
  13. Ulli Shorts Blue Red both
    Children’s Shorts in Two Colours, Ulli
    As low as €16.95
  14. Khan Children’s Jersey Shorts with Print both
    Children’s Jersey Shorts with Print, Khan
    As low as €8.95
  15. Twill Trousers Dea
    Girls Twill Trousers in Beautiful Colours, Dea
    As low as €18.45
  16. Knitted Leggings for Kids, Yuma, in natural white, orange, rosewwod and anthracite
    Knitted Leggings for Kids, Yuma
    As low as €16.95
  17. Lined Twill Pants, Kaito
    Children’s Lined Twill Pants, Kaito
    As low as €24.95
  18. Sweat Pant Kammi
    Girls Sweatpants, Kammi
    As low as €10.95

18 Items

Set Descending Direction

Trousers and Leggings made of Organic Cotton for Girls

Whether you need summer trousers or long winter trousers, leggings for every day or for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays: with us you will always find the right garment made from organic cotton. For the winter, our cuddly corduroy pants, sweatpants or twill pants are perfect for any occasion. In summer, our airy gauze and cloth trousers don't give the heat a chance.

The comfortable cuts and the durable organic cotton ensure that every great adventure inside or outside is especially fun. The sustainable fabric gives a great feeling on the skin, without pinching or scratching. The practical press studs, zippers or adjustable elastic cuffs make our cool trousers for girls an ideal companion for everyday life. Useful back pockets, belt loops, decorative rivets or decorative cords make fashionable accents which allow designs to stand out.


Sustainable Girls' Trousers in many Sizes

Our girls' trousers and leggings are perfect for ages 1 to 9 years. You will find them in sizes 92 to 134/140 and they are great to combine with our other garments. For example, your daughter can simply wear our sustainable leggings or pants under a dress. Or you can combine them with other tops such as blouses, tunics or t-shirts. Leggings and trousers in our retro look are reminiscent of past times and make the vintage heart beat faster. Our diverse selection is also available as a gift from friends and family on various occasions such as birthdays or Christmas.

Like all Sense Organics products, our trousers and leggings are non-toxic, fair trade and organic. All pants and leggings that you will find in our shop are made of skin-friendly organic cotton. Together, we are taking another step towards a more sustainable future. Our resource-saving products relieve the environment and give your daughter a brighter future.


GOTS-certified clothing

All our products have a GOTS certification. This means that the entire production chain is fair, non-toxic and ecological. With your purchase you avoid exploitation, grievances and environmental damage. The label enables us to work together on an equal footing with our producers. Through annual inspections, we achieve consistently high standards. This guarantees no child labour and fair conditions for the workers. Our employees regularly travel on site to support the factories in quality control.

In addition, our manufacturers are SA 8000 certified and part of our collection is made of Fairtrade (FLO) certified cotton. These are further standards that exclude child labour, guarantee dignified working conditions and significantly respect and promote human rights.

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