Organic Rompers and Pyjamas for Babies

A romper is a must-have for every baby. With us you will find sustainable rompers, playsuits and overalls for summer and winter. Our overalls protect your child from the cold and feel cuddly soft thanks to the organic cotton.

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  1. Baby overall / Model FRIED / Graphic print / Front part
    Baby jumpsuit made of cozy sweat, model FRIED
    As low as €25.95
  2. Baby overall / Model RAFA / Black / Front part
    Baby player in black, model RAFA
    As low as €21.95
  3. Baby knitted dungarees / Model FLORIN / All
    Baby dungarees in four colors, model FLORIN
    As low as €32.95
  4. Baby dungarees / Model JANIS / All
    Dungarees in dark teal or red, model JANIS
    As low as €36.95
  5. Baby jumpsuit / Model STRINDBERG / Raspberry-sand stripes with hedgehog / Front part
    Baby jumpsuit with hedgehog motif, model STRINDBERG
    As low as €26.95
  6. Baby jumpsuit / Model STRINDBERG / Sand-dark teal stripes with raccoon / Front part
    Raccoon print baby jumpsuit, model STRINDBERG
    As low as €26.95
  7. Baby sweat jumpsuit / Model STRINDBERG / Gold-sand stripes with bear / Front part
    Baby jumpsuit striped with bear, model STRINDBERG
    As low as €26.95
  8. Baby romper / Model VIKTOR RETRO / All
    Striped baby romper, model VIKTOR RETRO
    As low as €26.95
  9. Baby romper / Model TONA / All
    Baby romper in four colors, model TONA
    As low as €24.95
  10. Baby knitted romper / Model MANI / All
    Baby knitted romper in three colors, model MANI
    As low as €44.95
  11. Baby playsuit / LUA / aop desert / front part
    Baby girl's romper, LUA
    As low as €12.45
  12. Baby overall / MARLI / all
    Baby overalls for girls made of muslin, MARLI
    As low as €16.45
  13. Baby romper / BADU / all
    Baby overall striped, BADU
    As low as €16.95
  14. Baby knitted dungarees / JANY / all
    Dungarees for babies made from organic cotton knit, JANY
    As low as €16.45
  15. Baby playsuit / VICO / aop desert scene / front part
    Baby romper, VICO
    As low as €11.45
  16. Baby dungarees / FABIO / navy stripes / front part
    Short sweat dungarees for babies, FABIO
    As low as €12.45
  17. Baby playsuit / YOEKY / navy stripes + camel / front part
    Baby romper striped, YOEKY
    As low as €11.95
  18. Baby dungarees / NAKI / all
    Baby dungarees in two colors, NAKI
    As low as €9.95
  19. Baby overall / MARIS / all
    Baby overall in two colors, MARIS
    As low as €16.45
  20. Baby romper / WAYAN / all
    Onesie for babies, WAYAN
    As low as €12.45
  21. Baby romper / WAYAN RETRO / all
    Onesie for babies in two colors, WAYAN
    As low as €12.45
  22. Baby Jumpsuit / SIMBA / aop sausage dogs / front part
    Baby Jumpsuit with Dachshunds, SIMBA
    As low as €12.95
  23. Lined Baby Dungarees / JANIS / all
    Lined Baby Dungarees in Three Colors, JANIS
    As low as €18.45
  24. Baby Romper / VIKTOR / all
    Baby Romper Striped with Cow or Horse, VIKTOR
    As low as €13.45
  25. Baby Long Knitted Romper / YACI / all
    Knitted Long Baby Romper, YACI
    As low as €22.45
  26. Baby Romper / WAYAN / all
    Baby Romper Striped with Chickens, WAYAN
    As low as €13.95
  27. Baby Romper / YSIOR / all
    Baby Romper with Feet, YSIOR
    As low as €15.45
  28. Naki Baby Muslin Shorts with Braces
    NEW: Baby Muslin Shorts with Braces, Naki
    As low as €9.95
  29. Maris Baby Muslin Overall Sleeveless both
    Baby Muslin Overall Sleeveless, Maris
    As low as €16.95
  30. Marli Baby Muslin Overall with Cap Sleeves both
    Baby Muslin Overall with Cap Sleeves, Marli
    As low as €16.95
  31. Vico Romper Sleeveless
    Baby Short Jumpsuit with Toucans, Vico
    As low as €11.95
  32. Yoeky Romper Yellow White Stripes
    Baby Striped Playsuit with Short Sleeves, Yoeky
    As low as €11.95
  33. Valo Baby Romper White
    Baby Romper Natural, Valo
    As low as €18.90
  34. Valo long-sleeved romper both
    Romper with Feet Classic, Valo
    As low as €19.90
  35. Wayan Long Sleeve Romper Baby Both
    Long Sleeve Onsie Basic, Wayan
    As low as €19.90
  36. Wayan Romper Baby Stripes Both
    Romper without Feet Classic, Wayan
    As low as €19.90

41 Items

Set Descending Direction

Rompers and Overalls made of Organic Cotton

For babies, the romper is a must-have in the wardrobe. It fits close to the body, giving warmth and security. In our jumpsuits your child not only feels comfortable, but can also move freely undisturbed. We use organic cotton, which prevents itching or irritation and clings to your baby's skin. Thanks to press studs on the shoulder and in the crotch area, you can easily put on and take off our organic rompers. You can also change diapers in no time at all.


Sustainable Rompers for every season

Our playsuits, rompers and overalls can be combined with jackets, shirts or bodysuits. With us you will find designs in a retro look as well as contemporary and modern look. Our rompers are made of organic cotton. Striped rompers in all color variations are among our basics, which you can always find in our shop. Depending on the season, we adapt the fabrics. In winter they are thick and warm. In summer airy and thin. Our sweatsuits made of 100% organic cotton are lined.


Durable Clothing for your Baby

Whether modern prints, neutral light tones or in a vintage look: Our sustainable rompers for boys and girls are ideal as a gift for friends and family. Since all our products are made of high-quality organic cotton, our overalls are particularly durable. The rompers are free of toxins and fairly produced. Making our clothing your babies favourite. Above all, the sensitive skin of newborns needs protection, which our clothing ensures thanks to GOTS certificate.


GOTS certification: We trust in High Standards

All our products are extensively certified. This allows your child to enjoy the advantages of high-quality clothing and also giving you more security in your purchase decision. In order for our organic rompers to receive GOTS certification, the entire production must be fair, non-toxic and ecological. Among other things, we ensure that workers are fairly paid for production. Companies wishing to have their clothing certified must submit their own environmental protection programme with targets. Annual inspections of production facilities create consistent and recurring quality. No child labour and fair conditions for the workers are guaranteed. Our employees regularly travel on site to support the factories in quality control.

In addition, our manufacturers are SA 8000 certified and part of our collection is made of Fairtrade (FLO) certified cotton. These are other standards that exclude child labor and promote human rights.

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