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Gift ideas by Sense Organics - organic, fair trade & vegan

Gift sets by Sense Organics are not only fitting for a birth, but are also a great surprise for Christmas, Easter or a birthday. Because the presentees, girls or boys, rejoice at their new and jolly children’s clothes. The parents are happy, because all pieces of clothing are made of fair trade organic cotton. So by your gifts really everyone in the family will be pleased. And aren’t you happy yourself, when your gift sets are so well received?

Gift sets with fair trade organic cotton

Gift sets are traditionally available especially for layette. Be it a body, rompers, hats or bibs - all these products are classical components of the layette. Some of the rompers also feature cuffs to fold down, that can serve as scratching protection, because many babies tend to scratch their faces at the beginning. Therefore you also show providence with this gift set. As with all clothing by Sense Organics, the layette is made of fair trade organic cotton. 
Not only a baby, but also small children enjoy new pullovers or pants. For girls dresses and skirts are in high demand for summer, next to shorts. The boys will for sure be excited about t-shirts with sailing ships or pajamas. The parents rejoice in natural gifts with fair trade organic cotton by Sense Organics. After all, gift sets are a great idea.

Sense Organics has many certifications to show our love and commitment to sustainability and fair trade 

Why is it important to buy organic and fairtrade clothing? Your purchase of baby and children’s fashion from Sense Organics doesn’t just support environmentally friendly and ecological production of organic cotton, it also supports the people and environment in India where our organic fashion range for children 0-6 years is manufactured.

 Our certificates show our commitment to sustainability and fair trade production and many other things like:

The certificate GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

is a globally leading standard for the manufacturing of textiles from organically grown fiber. It sets very high standards along the entire fashion supply chain. Alongside the origin of the materials, the treatment of the textiles and ensuring human working environment and fair pay is also monitored.

Sense Organics just doesn’t stop there, we guarantee fairtrade from sow to sew.

We are SA 8000 certified.

This certificate is based on International Labor Organisation (ILO)conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on Child Labor.

We are also a member of FLO (Fairtrade Labeling Organisations).

Buy our organic, green, eco-conscious, fairtrade and socially-minded, kind to the environment girls clothing from our e-commerce site.

If you are looking for sale items are special offers you can browse our end of the line garments. You can purchase our high-end premium organic fair trade, sustainable, low impact and skin-friendly clothing range for a very fair price. Now that you know how serious we are about designing the very best clothing for your child, you can go to our online shop and purchase the very best clothing for your baby knowing that everyone involved is being treated fairly.

Sense Organics is helping improve our world one garment at a time.

Choose organic and fairtrade baby and children’s fashion & skincare as a gift for all occasions.