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  1. Soft Toy Ape complete
    Soft toy Archie Ape, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  2. Soft Toy Rabbit complete
    Soft Toy Rabbit, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  3. Soft Toy Teddy complete
    Soft toy Teddy, organic cotton plush
    As low as €34.90
  4. Ygon Long Sleeve Body Classic All
    Long Sleeve Body Classic, Ygon
    As low as €12.90
  5. Yvon Long Sleeve Body Baby All
    Baby Long Sleeve Body Classic, Yvon
    As low as €11.90
  6. Luna Long Sleeve Shirt Baby Both
    Baby Long Sleeve Shirt Classic, Luna
    As low as €11.90
  7. Karli Baby Trousers Waffle Both
    Baby Trousers Classic Waffle Jersey, Karli
    As low as €11.90
  8. Lambskin_stroller
    Lambskin for stroller or child seat, medically tanned by Trautwein
    As low as €56.90
  9. Steinbeck blanket
    Baby Blanket made in Germany by Steinbeck 75 cm x 100 cm
    As low as €49.95
  10. Baby Bib / BIB / all
    Baby Triangular Scarf with Horses or Cows, BIB
    As low as €4.45
  11. Gauze Cloths / BIOS / all
    Gauze Cloths in a Double Pack, BIOS
    As low as €7.95
  12. Large Muslin Blanket / VITA / all
    Large Muslin Blanket with Geese, VITA
    As low as €7.95
  13. Baby Knitted Bobble Hat / MARCEL / all
    Knitted Baby Bobble Hat, MARCEL
    As low as €10.95
  14. Children's Snood / SUSU / all
    Children's Snood, SUSU
    As low as €6.95
  15. Children's Hat / KAI / all
    Children's Hat with Cow Motif or Stripes, KAI
    As low as €6.95
  16. Children's Hat / MOKO / all
    Children's Hat in Aubergine or Grey, MOKO
    As low as €11.95
  17. Zeus Knitted Baby Blanket Cream
    Knitted Baby Blanket Cream, Zeus
    As low as €19.95
  18. Baby blanket ZEUS, Colour: jacquard pattern in blue and natural white or orange and natural. white
    Knitted Blanket with Jacquard Pattern, Zeus
    As low as €19.95
  19. Yo Baby Hat with Cuff and Toucan all
    Baby Hat with Cuff and Toucan, Yo
    As low as €3.95
  20. Yo Baby Hat in Crocodile or Cockatoo both
    Baby Hat in Crocodile or Cockatoo, Yo
    As low as €3.95
  21. Vita Big Muslin Baby Blanket with Toucan all
    Big Muslin Baby Blanket with Toucan Vita
    As low as €7.95

21 Items

Set Descending Direction


Gifts from Sense Organics – sustainable, beautiful and always fair

Finding the right gift can be a real challenge. Especially when it comes to children’s clothing, it’s easy for something to backfire and risk offending the parents. There are many reasons – the wrong design or motif, the wrong color, or non-sustainable materials that can be bad for children’s skin and the environment. We help make gift-giving a pleasure for both sides. With Sense Organics, you’re giving true sustainability – we’ve put together a few ideas for you here.

You can’t go wrong with gifts from Sense Organics. We guarantee timeless, beautiful designs and an integrated production process that comprehensively appreciates and supports people and nature. All of the Sense Organics products do good, on different levels. One example: we know the organic cotton farmers personally and we are in regular contact with them. We support sustainable living and working in India, and we follow the highest standards that exist in the fashion world.


Sense Organics – durable, beautiful and sustainable

Our gifts make everyone happy because no one is being disadvantaged. All of our organic cotton gifts are beautiful and sustainable. Treat your friends and family members to beautiful fashion for their little ones, and double your enjoyment.

Like all of the Sense Organics products, our gift ideas are toxin-free, fairly traded and eco-friendly. All of our gift products are made from skin-friendly organic cotton. 


Strict requirements, high standards – GOTS certification

All of our products are comprehensively certified. In order to receive GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard), the entire production process needs to be fair, toxin-free and eco-friendly. That prevents exploitation, abuse and environmental damage – which allows for an enriching, equal collaboration. Annual checks of the production facilities create consistent, reproducible quality. They also guarantee a lack of child labor and fair conditions for the workers. Our employees regularly make on-site visits to help the factories with their quality control.

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