Our Projects

Barefoot College International

The “Woman’s Barefoot Solar Engineer Program” provides training to Indian women manufacturing solar panels, giving light to their homes and communities. Women from rural poor villages in India are given the opportunity to enroll in a six month program where they become experts in solar engineering, giving them purpose and important skills.


Barefoot Enriche

Barefoot Enriche Curriculum supports women’s aspiration in transforming themselves and their communities by providing them with opportunities to gain the confidence, practical knowledge and skills to do so. During their 6 months residential solar training in Tilonia, the solar mamas also undergo different workshops based on the Enriche Curriculum. This Curriculum gives these women the opportunity to develop their confidence, skills and knowledge they need to fulfill their aspirations. They do this by providing training and awareness in: Self-Awareness, Women’s Health, Financial Inclusion, Human Rights and Civial Socity and Micro-Enterprise Skills.


Wind Energy

We have partnered with our Nominated spinner to produce 100% sustainable and organic fibers. This means only using organic cotton, recycled PET , kapok with or without blends according to sustainable certification

Spinning Mills is an electricity eating industry this means most spinning facilities spin 24 hours a day. With this as a major concern of ours, our partnered spinner worked on sustainable energy by setting up their own wind mills and by today  80% of the demand comes from their own wind energy.


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