Organic Baby Sweater and Jacket

Our sweaters and jackets made of organic cotton are perfect for any season. Wear alone or together. Discover our colorful designs and timeless basics. As always with Sense Organics, all products are GOTS certified.

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  1. Baby Knit Sweater / MEKA / olive + apple / front part
    Baby Knit Sweater with Apple, MEKA
    As low as €16.45
  2. Baby Knit Sweater / VICTOR / red + dog / front part
    Baby Knit Sweater with Dachshund, VICTOR
    As low as €16.45
  3. Baby Organic Knit Sweater / VICTOR / grey + bulls / front part
    Baby Organic Knit Sweater with Cow Motif, VICTOR
    As low as €16.95
  4. Baby Knit Sweater / VICTOR / all
    Baby Knit Sweater with Cat or Dog, VICTOR
    As low as €16.45
  5. Baby Knit Sweater / KEME / all
    Baby Knit Sweater in Three Colors, KEME
    As low as €16.45
  6. Baby Knit Sweater / VICTOR / all
    Baby Knit Sweater with Diamonds, VICTOR
    As low as €16.45
  7. Baby Cardigan / P. PICASSO / all
    Baby Cardigan in Three Colors, P. PICASSO
    As low as €16.45
  8. Baby Cardigan / ERIN / all
    Patterned Baby Cardigan, ERIN
    As low as €17.45
  9. Baby Knit Cardigan / ELIA / all
    Baby Knit Cardigan in Three Colors, ELIA
    As low as €17.95
  10. Baby Sweatshirt / NOLANI / all
    Baby Sweatshirt in Three Colors , NOLANI
    As low as €12.45
  11. Baby Sweatshirt / ETU / all
    Baby Sweatshirt in Three Colors, ETU
    As low as €12.45
  12. Baby Wrap Jacket / YURI / all
    Baby Wrap Jacket Quilted Jersey, YURI
    As low as €11.95
  13. Baby Wrap Jacket / WANDA / all
    Baby Wrap Jacket Made of Waffle Jersey, WANDA
    As low as €8.45
  14. Paloma Baby Sweatshirt with Ruffle Yoke both
    NEW: Baby Sweatshirt with Ruffle Yoke, Paloma
    As low as €11.95
  15. Wanda Baby Wrap Jacket Waffle-Jersey alle
    New Wrap Jacket Waffle-Jersey, Wanda
    As low as €8.95
  16. Elsa Knitted Cardigan Baby both
    Baby Cardigan with Ajour Pattern Beige and Lilac, Elsa
    As low as €17.95
  17. Dolores Reversible Baby Shirt
    Baby Reversible Shirt in Pink, Dolores
    As low as €12.95
  18. P.Picasso Striped Baby Cardigan both
    Striped Baby Cardigan, P.Picasso
    As low as €16.95
  19. Etu Baby Sweatshirt Pineapple both
    Baby Sweatshirt Pineapple, Etu
    As low as €11.95
  20. Victoria Jacket Baby White
    Baby Wrap Shirt Natural, Victoria
    As low as €9.90
  21. Hooded Sweat Jacket Siro
    Hooded Sweat Jacket for Babies, Siro
    As low as €17.45
  22. Baby Nicki Pullover, Janne, Available in colours: stone blue or taupe
    Baby Velour Sweater, Janne
    As low as €9.95
  23. Warm baby cardigan ERIN, Colours: pink with white dots or anthracite with small knitted dots
    Baby Cardigan with Cute Dots, Erin
    As low as €17.45
  24. Warm Knitted Baby Sweater, Victor
    Warm Knitted Baby Sweater, Victor
    As low as €16.45
  25. Baby knitted sweater Victor baby, front-back
    Baby Knit Sweater with Polar Bear, Victor
    As low as €16.45
  26. Baby Sweater Nolani
    Baby Sweatshirt for Girls, Nolani
    As low as €12.45
  27. Baby knit sweater VICTOR, Avaiable in two jacquard patterns: Blue with reindeer in white and Blue with penguins in pink
    Baby Knit Sweater with Reindeer or Penguin, Victor
    As low as €16.45
  28. Baby Sweatshirts Etu
    Baby Sweatshirts Polar Bear or Peguin, Etu
    As low as €12.45
  29. DOLORES Baby Reversible Shirt Leopards Both
    Baby Reversible with Leopards, Dolores
    As low as €12.45
  30. KORA Baby Sweatshirt Leopard navy
    Baby Sweatshirt with Leopard, Kora
    As low as €11.45
  31. ETU Baby Sweatshirt Both
    Baby Sweatshirt Lion or Giraffe, Etu
    As low as €11.45
  32. LOUISE Baby T-Shirt Stripes ¾ Sleeves Both
    Baby T-Shirts Stripe with ¾ Sleeves, Louise
    As low as €8.45
  33. Leotie - Baby Sweatshirt
    Baby Girl Sweatshirt, Leotie
    As low as €24.90
  34. Janu-knitted_cardigan-all
    Colourful Baby Cardigan, Janu
    As low as €17.45
  35. Pim-knit-sweater-color-block
    Baby Sweater with color blocking, Pim
    As low as €16.45
  36. Elan - Baby Shirt
    Baby long sleeve Shirt striped or owl, Elan
    As low as €18.90

36 Items

Set Descending Direction

Organic Cotton Sweaters and Jackets for Babies

Whichever season, sweaters and jackets are necessity for your babies wardrobe. Especially on those cooler days. Therefore it is important that you protect your child with a sweater or jacket. Together with a matching pants or leggings, a body and a hat made of organic cotton, your baby is ready for those cold days. Also our cardigans are the perfect all-year-round baisc for your babies wardrobe.

Our hooded sweaters are also super practical and protect your little ones’s head from the cold. No matter what season we have the jackets and sweaters you need. Whether it’s a light summer sweaters for warmer days or a warmly lined winter sweater for the cold season, we’ve got you covered.

Our sustainable baby sweaters are available with a slip or latch neckline. Due to the overlapping of the fabrics at the neckline, you can simply pull the sweater over your babies head. We also offer an option with buttons or snaps on the side of the neckline. This allows you to open or close the sweater in the shoulder area with one or two buttons.


Durable Organic Baby Sweater

All of our sweaters are made from organic cotton. The organic cotton is particularly gentle on sensitive skin. With our fair trade and ecological products you avoid your child coming into contact with toxins. We design clothing for new borns made from breathable fabrics making sure your baby is always at a comfortable temperature. We produce with only the highest of quality so that your baby feels comfortable in our clothes. Our organic sweaters and jackets offer plenty of freedom of movement without slipping. They are a must-have for every season, making them an ideal gift for friends and family on various occasions.


GOTS Certification for your safety

All our products are GOTS certified. This means our clothing is non-toxic and sustainable throughout the entire production chain. In addition, the seal protects the rights of workers during production. This gives you more security in your purchase decision. We have an enriching partnership with the all our producer. Thanks to annual checks, the quality standard remains high. Our employees regularly travel to the site to support the factories with quality control. You can find out more about the GOTS certificate in our blog.

In addition, our manufacturers are SA 8000 certified and part of our collection is made of Fairtrade (FLO) certified cotton. These are further standards that exclude child labor and guarantee dignified working conditions.

Sense Organics, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. All Rights Reserved.