Organic Girls Accessories and Socks

Nice that you stopped by! Here you will find socks, scarves, hats and many other accessories. All of our girls' accessories and socks are made from 100% organic cotton and sustainably produced.

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  1. Socks, Model LORIS, All
    Children's socks in a practical double pack, model LORIS
    As low as €9.95
  2. Socks, Model LORIS, All
    Children's socks in a 2-pack, model LORIS
    As low as €9.95
  3. Tights, Model FINN, All
    Tights for children in two colors, model FINN
    As low as €14.95
  4. Scarf, Model ELIM, All
    Scarf for children in five colors, model ELIM
    As low as €13.95
  5. Sun Hat, Model BEKE, All
    Children's hat in three colors, model BEKE
    As low as €14.95
  6. Girl´s socks / Model LORIS / All
    Children's socks in a double pack, model LORIS
    As low as €3.95
  7. Children´s socks / Model LORIS / All
    Colorful children's socks in a double pack, model LORIS
    As low as €3.95
  8. Girl´s tight / Model FINN / Golden yellow with flower / Complete
    Children's tights with flowers, model FINN
    As low as €7.95
  9. Children´s knitted hat / Model MOKO / All
    Knitted children's hat, model MOKO
    As low as €10.95
  10. Children’s scarf / ELIM / all
    Children's muslin scarf, ELIM
    As low as €6.95
  11. Face Masks Kids
    Childrens cotton mask with different prints, Face Mask
    As low as €4.90
  12. Lambskin
    Baby and children's lambskin, medically tanned by Trautwein
    As low as €59.95

12 Items

Set Descending Direction

Organic Socks – Durable and Sustainable

For the perfect outfit, add one of our high-quality accessories. We have a great selection of hats, gloves and scarves for girls, all made from organic cotton. These protect your daughter's head and neck in all weather conditions. This combination is simply ideal, especially for long walks in the forest or in the park in cooler temperatures. Our warm, comfortable accessories for girls are also super practical for everyday life in kindergarten or at school.

Our hats and scarves made of soft organic cotton and are the perfect companions when traveling. Whether on the bus, train, plane or car, they’ll help your daughter fall asleep gently and ensure protected moments. Combine our soft girls' accessories with our high-quality trousers, leggings, sweaters or blouses and T-shirts to create a great outfit. All pieces in our collection are made from robust and easy to care for organic cotton.

Our organic children's socks, especially for girls, impress with their sustainability and a child-friendly and beautiful design. Our organic socks not only offer warmth and protection, but also provide fashionable accents. They are the perfect choice for you if you value quality and a fashion-conscious look.


Girls Accessories for Children aged 1 to 9 years

Our hats, gloves and scarves for girls are perfectly tailored to the needs of children aged 1 to 9 years. This makes them not only an indispensable companion in everyday life, but also the perfect gift for friends and family on various occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or just as a loving gift.

All accessories for girls represent a clear commitment to quality and sustainability. Our garments are not only free of harmful substances and fairly traded, but also produced ecologically and sustainably. By purchasing, you are making a conscious decision for the environment and supporting fair working conditions. The skin-friendly organic cotton from which all our hats, gloves and scarves are made ensures a comfortable fit and is particularly gentle on children's delicate skin. This means that skin irritations or itching are a thing of the past. Even when running around and playing, our accessories made from organic cotton offer optimal protection and keep you warm.

By the way: Our clothing is machine washable. Best to avoid fabric softener and instead use a mild, ecological detergent.


Highest Standards thanks to GOTS Certificate

Each of our products undergoes comprehensive certification so that we can guarantee the highest standards. Certification according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) requires that the entire production chain is fair, free of toxic substances and sustainable. This way, we not only avoid exploitation and poor working conditions, but also minimize environmental damage. This enables fruitful and equal collaboration with our producers. Through annual inspections of the factories, we can ensure the consistently high quality of our products. To do this, we avoid child labor and create fair working conditions.

Our employees regularly visit the production facilities to monitor and support compliance with our quality standards. In addition, all of our products meet the SA 8000 certification criteria and are partly made from Fairtrade (FLO) certified cotton. These standards exclude child labor, ensure decent working conditions and therefore make a significant contribution to ensuring that we respect and promote human rights.

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