Baby Shirts, Tunics and Blouses made from Organic Cotton

Your baby will look great and feel secure in our sustainable tops. We use organic cotton so our clothing is super gentle on the skin.

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  1. Baby shirt L/S / Model LEJA / Red-raspberry stripes with hedgehog / Front part
    Baby shirt with hedgehog motif, model LEJA
    As low as €18.95
  2. Baby shirt L/S / Model KLARA / All
    Baby shirt in three colours, model KLARA
    As low as €18.95
  3. Baby shirt L/S / Model LEJA / White-black stripes with flower / Front part
    Long-sleeved shirt for babies with flowers, model LEJA
    As low as €18.95
  4. Baby shirt L/S / Model KLARA / Small flower print on black / Front part
    Baby long-sleeved shirt with flowers, model KLARA
    As low as €18.95
  5. Baby tunic shirt / Model EDITH / All
    Tunic for babies with flowers, model EDITH
    As low as €19.95
  6. Baby reversible shirt L/S / Model DOLORES / All
    Reversible shirt for babies, model DOLORES
    As low as €24.95
  7. Baby shirt L/S / Model ELAN / All
    Baby shirt striped, model ELAN
    As low as €18.95
  8. Baby Shirt L/S / Model ELAN / All
    Baby long-sleeved shirt in three colors, model ELAN
    As low as €18.95
  9. Baby reversible shirt / Model FELIX / All
    Baby reversible shirt, model FELIX
    As low as €24.95
  10. Baby shirt L/S / Model LUNA / All
    Baby long-sleeved shirt with hedgehog motif, model LUNA
    As low as €15.95
  11. Baby shirt L/S / Model JANNE RETRO / All
    Baby velor jumper in steel blue and tibetan red, model JANNE RETRO
    As low as €22.95
  12. Baby T-shirt / GADA / navy stripes + llama / front part
    Baby T-shirt striped with llamas, GADA
    As low as €7.45
  13. Baby T-shirt / NANA / all
    Baby T-shirt in three colors, NANA
    As low as €7.45
  14. Baby T-shirt / ADA / white + llama / front part
    Baby cap sleeve T-shirt, ADA
    As low as €7.45
  15. Baby tunic / AURORA / all
    Baby tunic, AURORA
    As low as €8.95
  16. Baby tunic / IRMA / aop desert sky blue / front part
    Tunic for babies with short sleeves, IRMA
    As low as €9.45
  17. Baby shirt 3/4 / LOUISE / all
    Baby shirt with 3/4 sleeves, LOUISE
    As low as €8.95
  18. Baby blouse / LOBA / all
    Baby muslin blouse, LOBA
    As low as €11.95
  19. Baby tunic / EDITH / aop desert / front part
    Baby tunic with long sleeves, EDITH
    As low as €9.95
  20. Baby top / OSKAR / navy / front part
    Baby tank top with breast pocket, OSKAR
    As low as €6.95
  21. Baby T-shirt / TAMO / navy + cactus / front part
    Baby shirt in navy, TAMO
    As low as €7.45
  22. Baby T-shirt / TOBI / all
    Baby T-shirt in three color options, TOBI
    As low as €7.45
  23. Baby T-shirt / ODO / all
    Baby T-shirt in three colors, ODO
    As low as €7.45
  24. Baby shirt L/S / PLIN / all
    Long-sleeved shirt for babies in three colors, PLIN
    As low as €12.95
  25. Baby T-shirt / TILLY / all
    Baby T-shirt in three colors, TILLY
    As low as €7.45
  26. Baby T-shirt / TILLY RETRO / all
    Baby T-shirt, TILLY
    As low as €7.45
  27. Baby Long Sleeve Shirt / LEJA / all
    Baby Long Sleeve Shirt with Ducks or Cats, LEJA
    As low as €9.45
  28. Baby Long Sleeve Shirt / KLARA / all
    Baby Long Sleeve Shirt with Cats or Horses, KLARA
    As low as €9.95
  29. Baby Long Sleeve Shirt / LUNA / all
    Baby Long Sleeve Shirt with Dog, LUNA
    As low as €9.45
  30. Baby Long-sleeved Shirt / ELAN / all
    Baby Long-sleeved Shirt in Four Colors ELAN
    As low as €9.95
  31. Baby Reversible Shirt / FELIX / complete
    Baby Reversible Shirt with Chickens and Cows, FELIX
    As low as €13.95
  32. Baby Long Sleeve Shirt / TIMBER / all
    Baby Long Sleeve Shirt with Cow or Horse, TIMBER
    As low as €7.45
  33. Baby Nicki Sweater / JANNE / all
    Nicki Sweater for Babies in Sage Green or Mauve, JANNE
    As low as €9.95
  34. Nana Butterfly T-Shirt Baby all
    Baby Cap Sleeve T-shirt, Nana
    As low as €7.95
  35. Hans Shirt Baby Curry Crocodile
    Baby Long Sleeve Shirt Tropics, Hans
    As low as €9.95
  36. Aurora Baby Tunic Lavender Blue
    Baby Tunic with Colourful Bird, Aurora
    As low as €9.95
  37. Tobi Baby Shirt all
    Cute Baby T-Shirts in Stripes or Print, Tobi
    As low as €7.95
  38. Tilly Baby T-Shirt Toucan all
    Baby T-Shirt Toucan, Tilly
    As low as €7.95
  39. Louise T-Shirt Baby both
    Baby Shirt with ¾ Sleeves, Louise
    As low as €8.95
  40. Nyssa Tunic Baby all
    Sweet Baby Muslin Tunic, Nyssa
    As low as €12.95
  41. Odo Baby Shirt all
    Summer Baby T-Shirts in Stripe or Print, Odo
    As low as €7.95
  42. Luna Baby Long-sleeved Shirt Striped with Toucan alle
    Baby Long-sleeved Shirt Striped with Toucan, Luna
    As low as €7.95
  43. Oskar Tank Top Baby
    NEW: Baby Tank Top Navy with Breast Pocket, Oskar
    As low as €6.95
  44. Edith Baby Tunic Tropical Dots
    Baby Long Sleeve Tunic with Tropical Appliqué, Edith
    As low as €9.95
  45. Tamo Baby Shirt Blue Pineapple
    Baby T-Shirt Kangaroo Pocket, Tamo
    As low as €7.95
  46. Tilly Baby T-Shirt Crocodile and Cockatoo both
    Baby T-Shirt Crocodile and Cockatoo, Tilly
    As low as €7.95
  47. Gada Baby T-Shirt both
    Baby Shirt Striped with Ruffles, Gada
    As low as €7.95
  48. ADA Baby Shirt
    Baby T-Shirt Tropical Bird, Ada
    As low as €7.95
  49. Dolores Reversible Baby Shirt
    Baby Reversible Shirt in Pink, Dolores
    As low as €12.95
  50. Luna Baby Long Sleeved Shirt Crocodile or Cockatoo both
    Baby Long Sleeved Shirt Crocodile or Cockatoo, Luna
    As low as €7.95
  51. Baby Shirt Luna
    Baby Long Sleeve Shirt with Walrus or Polar Bear, Luna
    As low as €9.45
  52. Baby Shirt Elan all three
    Baby Long Sleeve Shirt in Stripe or Application, Elan
    As low as €9.45
  53. Baby Shirt Klara
three color ways
    Baby Girl Long Sleeve Shirt, Klara
    As low as €9.45
  54. NANA Baby Butterfly T-shirt Both
    Baby T-shirt with Cap Sleeves, Nana
    As low as €7.45
  55. NYSSA Baby Muslin Tunic All
    Comfortable Baby Muslin Tunic, Nyssa
    As low as €12.45
  56. LOUISE Baby T-Shirt Stripes ¾ Sleeves Both
    Baby T-Shirts Stripe with ¾ Sleeves, Louise
    As low as €8.45
  57. TOBI Baby Shirt Both
    Cute Baby T-shirt in Turquoise or Green, Tobi
    As low as €7.45
  58. ODO Baby Shirt All
    Colourful Baby Shirt in Stripes or Print, Odo
    As low as €7.45
  59. GADA Baby Stripes Shirt Gathering Both
    Baby Striped Shirt with Gathering, Gada
    As low as €7.45

Items 1-59 of 66

Set Descending Direction

Baby tops produced fairly

With us you will find a diverse selection of T-shirts, tunics and blouses that are perfect for your baby. Our unisex baby tops are particularly versatile and are ideal from birth onwards. No matter the season, whether you are expecting a boy or a girl, with us you will find the perfect baby tops in the right style. We have an extensive selection of baby clothing for every style. Whether it be T-shirts and raglan t-shirts for baby boys, t-shirts with cute butterfly sleeves and tank tops for baby girls - we have something for everyone.

Our baby tops are part of every are initial outfit, they are fashionable and extremely practical. They have a comfortable slip-on collar and/or are equipped with side snap fasteners on the neckline or on the back, making them super easy to put on or take off. If you would like something special, we also offer chic blouses for babies with pretty pintucks. On warm days, our airy tunic made of organic cotton ensures to keep your baby cool as the sustainable fabric is breathable. When it gets colder outside, our long-sleeved shirts and sweaters with a brushed inside will keep your baby warm.


Baby blouses and shirts in many designs

Our baby tops are available in sizes from 50/56 to 92. Thanks to our considered designs, our clothing grows with your son or daughter so that they can enjoy it for longer. The best thing: Our shirts, tunics and blouses are all produced sustainably, fairly and non-toxic. We attach great importance to ensuring that we meet the highest standards in terms of sustainability.

Does your baby have sensitive skin? Not to worry our clothing range is made from organic cotton and non-toxic fabrics making sure your baby doesn’t experience itching and irritation. Colorful prints, vintage looks and neutral designs in light tones ensure that your baby looks great in our clothing and feels super comfortable as well. This makes our clothing the perfect gift for friends and family on various occasions.

Nice to know: Organic cotton is super easy to care for. You can simply put our organic baby tops in the washing machine without them losing their shape or color.


Certified tops for babies

All of our products are extensively certified. So you can be sure that your daughter is wearing clothes that make a positive difference, protect the environment and adhere to social standards in production. Our certifications include the are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) as well as SA 8000 and Fairtrade (FLO).

The GOTS certification guarantees that all production is fair, non-toxic and ecological. With this we avoid exploitation, abuses and environmental damage. To ensure the high quality of our clothing, we subject our production facilities to annual inspections. In addition, we exclude child labor through the label and ensure fair conditions for the workers. Our dedicated employees regularly visit the factories to provide on-site support with quality control.

In addition, all of our products are also SA 8000 certified and partly made from Fairtrade (FLO) certified cotton. These certifications also exclude child labor and ensure dignified working conditions. In this way, we make a significant contribution to respecting and promoting human rights. With our certified range, we not only want to offer the best clothing for your baby, but also have a positive impact on the world and people.

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