Organic sleeping bags and nightgowns for babies

Newborns need a lot of sleep for their development and they will get the rest they need in our sleeping bags and nightgowns made from 100% organic cotton. In it, your baby will become a late sleeper.

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5 Items

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The Ideal Organic Sleeping Bag for your Baby

Regardless the season by choosing the right sleeping bag or pajama made from organic cotton, you guarantee a warm, comfortable and peaceful night for your baby. Just like rompers, hats or sweaters, choosing your babys first sleeping bag is super important. Unlike a duvet, which can be thrown over your head or kicked around while you sleep, a sleeping bag or pajama shirt will keep your warm all night.

It’s important to choose the right sleeping bag for your baby and because of this you will find we have different variants of sleeping bags, some with a continuous snap button strip or with a zipper. You will also find our pajama shirts that have a long cut, have an opening at the bottom and have an elastic waistband. This keeps the camisole in place while keeping your feet nice and warm. In addition, this makes it much easier to change the diaper at night.

We offer you a variety of sleeping bags and sleeping shirts for every season, so your baby is warm in winter and does not have to sweat unnecessarily in summer. Our airy and cozy sleeping bags and shirts made from 100% organic cotton adapt to any temperature and ensure a perfect night's sleep.


Organic cotton nightgowns and sleeping bags

We have an extensive selection of sleeping bags for babies in sizes 70, 90 and 110 cm for you to choose from. This makes them suitable for 0 to 36 months. Our nightgowns are available in sizes 50/56 to 86. Best of all: Our GOTS-certified sleeping bags and pajamas not only offer maximum comfort for your newborn, but are also made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Our natural fabric is gentle on sensitive baby skin and at the same time offers heat regulation. In addition, our high-quality sleeping bags are not only organic, but some of them are also made from Fairtrade-certified cotton to ensure that both the environment and the people involved in production are treated fairly.

Sleeping bags and sleeping shirts are needed in the early days from 0 to 2 years. This makes our clothes a great birthday present for friends and family. Thanks to the GOTS certificate, there are no skin irritations, itching or an uncomfortable feeling. So you can be sure that you are giving the right gift.


GOTS certified baby clothes

Our baby sleeping bags and baby nightgowns made from organic cotton are extensively certified, like all our products in our shop. With the GOTS certificate (Global Organic Textile Standard) we ensure that our production is fair, free of harmful substances and ecologically compatible. With this certificate we avoid exploitation, grievances and environmental damage. Through regular on-site checks, we guarantee constant and recurring quality. With this, we exclude child labor and guarantee fair working conditions for the workers. You can find out more about the GOTS label in our blog.

In addition, our products are SA 8000 certified and some are made with Fairtrade (FLO) certified cotton. These additional certifications exclude child labour, ensure dignified working conditions and significantly promote respect for human rights.

With our certified organic baby sleeping bags and nightgowns, we offer a responsible choice for a restful sleep. We attach great importance to transparency and sustainability so that you can feel safe when buying our products.

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