Swimsuits & UV clothing for babies

Our swimwear for babies guarantees loads of splashing fun for your babies. Discover our selection of baby clothes for the beach, pool or garden. The best thing: Our collection is full of UV clothing that protects your baby from the sun.

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  1. Baby Bikini Bottoms, Model GOLDA, Shell print, Front view
    Baby bikini bottoms, model GOLDA
    As low as €19.95
  2. Baby Rash Vest, Model PALIN, All
    UV long-sleeved shirt for babies, model PALIN
    As low as €26.95
  3. Baby Swim Shorts, Model MEDAN, Shark print, Front view
    Baby swimming trunks with sharks, model MEDAN
    As low as €21.95
  4. Baby Surf Suit, Model MADI, All
    Baby surf suit with sharks or shells, model MADI
    As low as €42.95

4 Items

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Swimsuits for Babies in Beautiful Designs

Immerse yourself in our world of baby swimwear. With us you will find everything your little one needs for fun in the sun. Whether in the garden pool, building your first sandcastle by the sea or having fun water games at the lake - we have the right equipment from baby swimming trunks, bikini bottoms to cute surf suits for baby girls or boys. Our playful designs like our shark or shell print will make your baby's eyes sparkle and turn every water adventure into a beautiful memory.

We also attach great importance to comfort in our swimwear so that nothing pinches or slips. When it comes to our baby swimwear and swim shirts, we make sure it fits properly and allows for freedom of movement, as we want our little water lovers to explore the world in comfort.

We use quick-drying materials and simple fasteners to ensure your baby is safe and comfortable. Nice to know: Our swimwear for babies, which you can easily wash, is available in sizes from 6 months - 12 months to 12 months - 2 years.

UV clothing that protects babies from the sun

When it comes to protecting your baby in and around the water, UV clothing is an absolute must-have. Our UV protective clothing for babies not only looks great, but also gives your little one a high level of sun protection with UPF 50+. Why is that so important? Babies' delicate skin is particularly sensitive and needs extra protection from harmful UV rays to prevent sunburn and long-term skin damage. 

With our long-sleeved swim shirt and surf suit for babies, you can rest assure that your child is well protected while splashing around, swimming or building their first sandcastle. Our UV clothing for babies effectively protects sensitive skin, but also looks great too. This means your baby not only stays protected, but also looks great.

Our UV baby clothing dries quickly and is resistant to chlorine and salt water. This makes them the ideal companion for every trip to the water. It gives your child the freedom to enjoy sunny days without worries.

Sustainably produced swimwear

Our baby swimwear contains 80% GRS certified recycled polyester, certified by Control Union 811018, and 20% Elastan. The Global Recycled Standard verifies the percentage of recycled polyester and tracks the path from source to final product. Products certified to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) contain recycled material that has been independently verified at each stage of the supply chain, from the source to the final product. In addition, social, environmental, and chemical criteria related to processing are required.

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