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  1. Naia Knitted Sweater Baby all
    Baby Knitted Sweater Orange and Lilac, Naia
    As low as €32.90
  2. P.Picasso Striped Baby Cardigan both
    Striped Baby Cardigan, P.Picasso
    As low as €32.90
  3. Victor Baby Knitted Sweater Cobalt Blue
    Baby Knitted Sweater Cobalt Blue, Victor
    As low as €32.90
  4. Elsa Knitted Cardigan Baby both
    Baby Cardigan with Ajour Pattern Beige and Lilac, Elsa
    As low as €34.90
  5. P.Picasso Baby Cardigan Honeycomb Structure both
    Baby Cardigan Honeycomb Structure, P.Picasso
    As low as €32.90
  6. Pablo Baby Leggings in Straight Knit both
    Baby Leggings in Straight Knit, Pablo
    As low as €26.90
  7.  Proust Beautiful Baby Knitted Pants Cream
    Beautiful Baby Knitted Pants, Proust
    As low as €26.90
  8. Pablo Baby Knitted Leggings with Honeycomb Pattern
    Baby Knitted Leggings with Honeycomb Pattern, Pablo
    As low as €26.90
  9. Leha Baby Knitted Suit Lilac
    Baby Knitted Suit Lilac, Leha
    As low as €34.90
  10. Elsa Knitted Cardigan Girls both
    Girls Knitted Cardigan with Ajour Pattern Beige and Lilac, Elsa
    As low as €39.90
  11. Naia Knitted Sweater Kids all
    Organic Knitted Sweater Orange and Lilac, Naia
    As low as €36.90
  12. Ramu Organic Knitted Sweater Graphic Stripes
    Organic Knitted Sweater Graphic Stripes, Ramu
    As low as €36.90
  13. Zeus Knitted Baby Blanket Cream
    Knitted Baby Blanket Cream, Zeus
    As low as €39.90
  14. Zeus Baby Blanket in Orange with Toucan
    Baby Blanket in Orange with Toucan, Zeus
    As low as €44.90
  15. Knitted baby dress FLORA, in rosewood
    Baby Embroidery Dress, Flora
    As low as €18.45
  16. Baby knit trousers PROUST, Colours: orange or anthracite
    Comfortable Knitted Baby Trousers, Proust
    As low as €14.45
  17. Baby blanket ZEUS, Colour: jacquard pattern in blue and natural white or orange and natural. white
    Knitted Blanket with Jacquard Pattern, Zeus
    As low as €19.95
  18. Baby knit leggings YUMA in natural white, orange, rosewwod and anthracite
    Baby Knit Leggings, Yuma
    As low as €12.45
  19. Organic Cardigan for Girls, Ova, Colour: rosewood with colourful jacquard pattern around the neckline
    Organic Cardigan for Girls, Ova
    As low as €21.45
  20. Cuddly kids sweater KURUK,orange with a graphic pattern in. Blue and anthracite
    Children’s Knit Sweater with Graphic Pattern, Kuruk
    As low as €19.95
  21. Light knitted hat RUDOLFO with bobble
    Organic Knitted Hat with Zigzag, Rudolfo
    As low as €9.95
  22. Baby knitted sweater Victor baby, front-back
    Baby Knit Sweater with Polar Bear, Victor
    As low as €16.45
  23. Baby cardigan MAXIM, Colour: blue with a round yoke in orange with reindeer
    Baby Cardigan with Reindeer, Maxim
    As low as €17.45
  24. Baby knitted leggings ETENIA, Colours: rosewood and anthracite
    Slim Knitted Baby Leggings, Etenia
    As low as €13.95
  25. Baby Knitted Hat, Marcel, Colours: blue, rosewood or anthracite
    Baby Knitted Hat, Marcel
    As low as €9.95
  26. Knitted Leggings for Kids, Yuma, in natural white, orange, rosewwod and anthracite
    Knitted Leggings for Kids, Yuma
    As low as €16.95
  27. Sporty Knitted Dress for Girls, Marva
    Sporty Knitted Dress for Girls, Marva
    As low as €23.45
  28. Children’s cardigan MOREL, blue with colour accents in natural white and orange on the cuffs and pockets
    V-Neck Cardigan for Boys, Morel
    As low as €21.45
  29. Baby cardigan P.PICASSO, Colours: blue, rosewood or anthracite
    Baby Knitted Jacket in Three Colours, P.Picasso
    As low as €16.45
  30. Knitted dress for girls FLORA in rosewood
    Embroidered Dress for Girls, Flora
    As low as €21.45
  31. Baby knitted dungaree FLORIN,  Colours: blue, orange, rosewood or anthracite
    Cute Baby Knit Dungarees, Florin
    As low as €16.45
  32. Knit Sweater for girls DELIA, Top of sweater: natural white, lower part rosewood with a diamond pattern
    Organic Knit Sweater with Diamond Pattern, Delia
    As low as €19.95
  33. Children’s sweater KURUK, Colours: braided pattern jacquard in blue and natural white, orange and natural white or anthracite and natural white
    Children’s Knitted Sweater with Braided Pattern, Kuruk
    As low as €19.95
  34. Knitted hat with bobble RUDOLFO
    Children’s Light Knit Hat, Rudolfo
    As low as €9.95
  35. Warm Knitted Baby Sweater, Victor
    Warm Knitted Baby Sweater, Victor
    As low as €16.45
  36. Warm baby cardigan ERIN, Colours: pink with white dots or anthracite with small knitted dots
    Baby Cardigan with Cute Dots, Erin
    As low as €17.45
  37. Baby knitted leggings PABLO, Colour: blue and pink
    Slim Knitted Baby Leggings, Pablo
    As low as €13.95
  38. Long baby knit romper YACI, Colours: Colours: orange, rosewood or anthracite
    Organic Baby Knitted Overall, Yaci
    As low as €22.45
  39. Cardigan for girls and boys ELIA, Available in three colourways: blue, orange and anthracite
    Colourful Children’s Cardigan, Elia
    As low as €21.45
  40. Children’s sweater KURUK, orange with zig-zag pattern on the sleeves
    Children’s Knit Sweater with Zig Zag, Kuruk
    As low as €19.95
  41. Knitted hat with bobble RUDOLFO
    Warm Knitted Hat for Kids, Rudolfo
    As low as €9.95
  42. Baby knit sweater VICTOR, Avaiable in two jacquard patterns: Blue with reindeer in white and Blue with penguins in pink
    Baby Knit Sweater with Reindeer or Penguin, Victor
    As low as €16.45
  43. Baby Cardigan With Lace Pattern
    Baby Cardigan with Lace Pattern, Alma
    As low as €17.45
  44. Keme-knit_sweater-both
    Baby Sweater double knit, Keme
    As low as €16.45
  45. Etenia-knit-leggings-both
    Narrow Knitted Leggings with decorative bow, Etenia
    As low as €13.95
  46. Janu-knitted_cardigan-all
    Colourful Baby Cardigan, Janu
    As low as €17.45
  47. Pim-knit-sweater-color-block
    Baby Sweater with color blocking, Pim
    As low as €16.45
  48. Victor-knit_sweater-three
    Baby Knitted Sweater with cable pattern, Victor
    As low as €16.45
  49. Marcel-baby-knit-hat-all
    Baby Knitted Hat with ear protection, Marcel
    As low as €9.95
  50. Hurit-girls-knit-cardigan-all
    Beautiful Girls Knit Cardigan in plain colour, Hurit
    As low as €21.45
  51. Marva-knit-dress
    Girls knitted Dress with colourful yoke, Marva
    As low as €23.45
  52. 2011789_Luca_both
    Short, knitted baby dungarees, Luca
    As low as €17.45

52 Items

Set Descending Direction


Organic cotton knitwear for every season

One of the most important elements of any wardrobe, available in year-round basics, is our organic cotton knitwear. No matter the season, knits are easy to pull on, keeping your little one warm not just in the winter, but also on cool summer evenings. Our practical pullovers, leggings, pants, jackets and hats are perfect for dressing your child in the layered look.

Beautiful cuts, exciting colors and motifs, and durable organic cotton make Sense Organics knitwear an all-around favorite. We offer the right pieces for everyday wear as well as for festive occasions like weddings, birthdays and Christmas. Durable also means easy-care: after exciting adventures in the woods or the sandbox, stains and dirt come out easily in the washing machine.

Our organic cotton knits are available for babies size 50 and up as well as for bigger kids up to size 140. The cuts vary according to size. For the littlest ones, we offer a practical envelope or keyhole neckline or buttons on one side for easier dressing and undressing. Elastic waistbands provide a secure fit and maximum freedom of movement.


Sense Organics – durable, beautiful and sustainable

Practical and durable: all of our knitwear is also beautiful and sustainable! Knits are a practical accompaniment year-round, making them the perfect gift from friends and family members for various occasions. 

Like all of the Sense Organics products, our knitwear is toxin-free, fairly traded and eco-friendly. All of our knits are made from skin-friendly organic cotton. 


Strict requirements, high standards – GOTS certification

All of our products are comprehensively certified. In order to receive GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard), the entire production process needs to be fair, toxin-free and eco-friendly. That prevents exploitation, abuse and environmental damage – which allows for an enriching, equal collaboration. Annual checks of the production facilities create consistent, reproducible quality. They also guarantee a lack of child labor and fair conditions for the workers. Our employees regularly make on-site visits to help the factories with their quality control.

Sense Organics, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. All Rights Reserved.