Sustainable Underwear and Sleepwear for Boys

One of the most important properties for children's underwear and nightwear: it should fit comfortably. Thanks to our 100% organic cotton, your son will feel right at home in our boxer shorts, undershirts and pajamas.

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  1. Children´s Pyjama, Model KAFKA, All
    Short children's pajamas in six colors, model KAFKA
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    Boxer shorts for boys, model PRINCE
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  3. Children´s Pyjama, Model KAFKA RETRO, All
    Short children's pajamas in a retro look, model KAFKA
    As low as €24.95
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    Children's pajamas in a retro look, model LONG JOHN
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    Pajamas for boys and girls in four colors, model LONG JOHN RETRO
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12 Items

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Comfortable Boys Underwear

Our main focus is comfort for our organic cotton undershirts, pajamas and boxer shorts for boys. Our organic underwear not only offers the highest quality, but also an incomparably comfortable wearing experience - perfect for your son.

Our organic summer pajamas are designed to be particularly airy so that your child can sleep comfortably even on warmer nights. Each pajama set includes a matching t-shirt and shorts. When the temperatures drops, our winter pajamas made from cozy terry cloth or thicker organic cotton fabric provide warmth. The set includes a long-sleeved top and long trousers with elastic cuffs.

underwear and nightwear will not restrict your son's movement. Our carefully designed pajamas ensure unrestricted freedom of movement so that your child can develop freely. Our pajamas include a stretchy and soft elastic waistband adding so much comfort while wearing.

Our skin-friendly underwear is available up to size 140. We also have a great selection of girls pajamas. Many of our undershirts and pajamas are unisex and therefore suitable for both genders.


Organic Boxer Shorts for Boys

Parents often face a challenge when it comes to managing their children's transition from diapers to underwear. We know how important this step is. That's why we developed boxer shorts and sleepwear that are not only beautiful and sustainable, but also take into account the comfort and needs of little explorers aged 1 to 9. This particular selection is a wonderful option that is also ideal as a gift from friends and family on various occasions such as birthdays or Christmas.

We not only focus on fashion and comfort, which are important to us, but also our sense of responsibility towards the environment. Like all of our products, our sustainable underwear and nightwear are non-toxic, fairly traded and ecologically produced. We believe that every child deserves the best, and that's why we only use skin-friendly organic cotton that feels gentle and prevents irritation and itching.


GOTS Certified Clothing for your Son

All of our products have extensive certifications that give you peace of mind: your son is not only wearing cool clothes, but also clothes that make a positive difference, protect the environment and adhere to high social standards in production.

The GOTS certification guarantees that the entire production is fair, free of harmful substances and ecologically compatible. In this way we avoid exploitation, abuses and environmental damage. Our production facilities are subject to annual inspections to ensure the outstanding quality of our clothing. We send a clear message against child labor and ensure fair working conditions, which is proven by the label. In addition, our dedicated employees regularly visit the factories to provide on-site support with quality control.

In addition, all of our products are also SA 8000 certified and the children's underwear is made from Fairtrade (FLO) certified cotton. These certificates also exclude child labor and ensure working conditions with dignity. In this way, we contribute to promoting human rights in production. With our certified range, we not only offer the best clothing for your child, but also provide inspiration for a more sustainable world and for the rights of workers.

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