Our Vision


Sustainable organic clothing for the next generation – fairly produced and traded.

For over 20 years Sense Organics has been producing and trading organic baby and childrenswear. 


Founding year and idea

Kirsten Weihe founded Sense Organics in 1996.

Our vision: to combine creativity with political and social responsibility –thus creating a sustainable and fair product.

Kirsten’s focus was to create a supply chain against environmental destruction, exploitation and child labour, discrimination against women and religion, while creating a high quality, well-designed and affordable product.

Why baby and toddler? Well, it’s our future.


Amongst the pioneers

Kirsten Weihe was amongst the pioneers who recognized the necessity to combine the protection of the environment, social engagement and sustainability.

Our challenge was to ensure that the complete garment process from farming, ginning, spinning, knitting, weaving, dying and printing was compiled to the certified, sustainable and ethical industry guidelines. Over the years we established a fully certified supply chain with our partners.



We live our company values. Our ethical trading is certified (GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard, FairTrade, SA 8000).

To ensure good relationships throughout our entire supply chain from our cotton farmers, to our suppliers and factories, our team travels a minimum of two months of the year to be on site.

We deliver to boutiques, organic shops, department stores and online shops across Europe.

Our customers support our vision – improving our world, one small step at a time, with responsibility for the next generation.

Sense Organics has grown from Kirsten into a young team of enthusiastic individuals making Sense Organics into what it is today.


Your Sense Organics Team


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