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  1. Norma:Blouse Dress
    Blouse Dress in black, Norma
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  2. Gilles_Tunic
    Tunic Blouse with flowers print, Gilles
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  3. Leonor_Blouse_white
    Blouse in white, Leonor
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3 Items

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is a sustainable fashion brand founded in 2016 by Kirsten Weihe-Keidel, the founder of Sense Organics. She has over 20 years of experience in organic and fairly traded baby and kids wear.

The brand name FRIEDA SAND is a “femmage” to two strong women: FRIEDA Belinfante and George SAND. They both had strong beliefs and lived consciously at their times, shaping the world with their talents.

Fashion is a statement and one of few industries which still needs intensive labor. That’s why it is moving around cheap labor countries. We are sure that fashion has to take responsibility in our world and we do that.

Our team at FRIEDA SAND believes in ethical values and fairtrade standards and we therefore maintain long-term partnerships, which helps to strengthen the local communities. We only use organic cotton from certified partners with full traceability as well as other sustainable fibers such as Lenzing Modal and some mulesing free Merino wool. The production is mainly in India, true knits are made in China and starting with SS 18 also GOTS certified as all other partners. Our certification is GOTS  and our partners are SA 8000 certified.


Sense Organics - Frieda Sand

Sense Organics, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. All Rights Reserved.