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In our industry we are always working on various seasons at the same time and work is continously progressing 12 months a year. In our factories we see many generations of family working on our products and this is why we are taking time to work on the future of young people in the areas where we manufacture our products.


Since 2012 we have joined forces with Child Rights Cell (CRC) through SAVE Tiripur an organisation which is focussed on educating young people who have fallen out of the system and provide them with education and support. We have linked with the SAVE Tirupur India organisation and support a Bridge school for 25 plus childeren in all their needs to create a better future.


The CRC has been active from 1997, they have been very actiive in setting up stuctured sectors across India. Here is a small summary of what they have established over the year:

- Crèche - 1997
- Transit home for street and runaway children - 1997
- Bridge school centers - 2000
- Residential Bridge school - 2002
- Ecological park for children - 2004


Sense Organics is supporting the Bridge School sector of the CRC and we have chosen the SAVE organisation in Tiripur as this is right at the heart of our main manufacturing hub.


So what is the purpose of the Bridge Schools?

- Identification of children through Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA) method
- School enrollment Campaign to encourage children and parents to enroll their child in education
- Locating and formation of bridge schools based on demand. 
- Rescue child labourers (predominantly from the garment industry) and place into bridge schools.  
- Ongoing  identification of children through SAVE’s outreach workers and women Self Help Groups (SHG’s)


What does a Bridge School do?

- Ensuring children’s regularity
- Application of Activity Based Learning (ABL) method and Active Learning Method (ALM)
- Utilising play way methods
- Using learning cards / tool kits based on government curriculum (Covering Tamil, Maths, Science, Social Science and English)
- Monthly medical checkup and health education


What is the goals of Bridge Schools?


Bridge schools promote:


- Promoting Child Labour Free Society

The main objectives are:
- To bring childeren drop outs and child labour awarness to the mainstream
- Promoting children’s Education
- To develop the children’s moral understanding, as well as cultural and religious awareness
- To monitor the progress and attendance of children placed into formal education for 3 years
If you would like to know more about SAVE Tiripur or support them please click here

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