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Sense Organics Certifications

There are many certifications in the world of sustainability and organic products. Sense Organics has partnered with FairTrade and GOTS for all clothing products.
We are proud to annouce, that our new Skin Care Range is certified by Natrue. Furthermore they carry Peta certification, partly as well for vegan.

As a customer certification provides you with an clear label of proof of your products and their characteristics. It allows you to browse and purchase product without worrying about nasty chemicals and other nasty elements in to products for your little ones.

At Sense Organics we also care about how products are been made and by whom, this is the reason why we FairTrade certification across all of our products.
Each product will cary the labels of the certification applicable and we will ensure that the content will cover what is written on the packaging!

To offer full transparency, please note our member / certification numbers:
GOTS: CU811018
Transfair: ID21089 

Want to learn more?

Each certification body has extensive informational web sites that can provide you with all information and insights on there methodologies and requirements they apply to their members. We encourage you to visit these sites and learn more about each of them.

GOTS FairTrade