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We like to talk to our friends, customers and people interested in Sense Organics.


At this stage we only have e-mail customer service for the web store, we will respond within 2 working days to your e-mail.


Please direct your questions, observations and/or remarks to



We are trading globally and are always interested in new trade inquiries. Agents and distributors please contact our German office with your enquiries, retail/trade enquiries can be addressed to the specific region or to the German office.


Today we are represented in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and China through agents or distributors.


We have a retail direct program under which we supply directly to retailers across the world. Sense Organics is at selected retailers in France, Greece, Spain, Finland and The Benelux.


There is dedicated login service for our partners and retailers, this login will provide you access to all our brochures, materials and order forms. Click here to go to the Sense Organics partner site.


We also support online ordering for in season orders, once you are a registered partner or retailer your will be provided with a registration name and password for our online shop. This will allow you to directly order from with your specific trade terms.



Head Office

Sense Organics Sustainable GmbH

Gleimstrasse 1

60318 Frankfurt


Click here to mail our German Office



Modeagentur Timm

Address: Pinneberger Str. 15, 25451 Quickborn

Order office: Modezentrum Hamburg - Raum 721

Modering 3 22457 Hamburg

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Andreas Frießnegg

Elisabethstrasse 10

8010 Graz



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