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What Are You Thankful For?

By Kelly Ekardt 6 years ago 1796 Views No comments

Image by Incidental Comics

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving! Yes you may have just guessed, I am American. I am an American living in London, England married to a German. Quite international I would say. As an American, Thanksgiving is a big day for me even living here in England. Each year my husband and I host a Thanksgiving dinner at ours with an array of exotic and interesting guests. I am usually the only American attending our annual feast. I do love introducing everyone to this holiday full of family, friends, and copious amounts of food. But Thanksgiving is not just about the massive amounts of yummy food and American Football, it's about taking a moment and asking yourself what you are truly grateful for. The more grateful you are about things in life, I believe the happy you will be. Gratefulness brings contentment and contentment brings peace. Ungratefulness, I believe can create resentment and a cloudy view of what is really important. Ideally, we should be grateful everyday and not just on annul holidays but sometimes we need a big holiday and family to remind us just how lucky we really are. What are you thankful for today? And just because I am super excited about Thanksgiving diner, here is what's on our menu this year! Turkey Ham Mashed Potatoes Cream of Corn Green Beans Sweet Potato Mash Bread Rolls a total must! Apple Pie Pumpkin Cheese Cake and of course beer! We will be watching the football game after all!!!! I promise you I will be in a food coma come Saturday night!

kelly xx