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We Love Etsy!

By Kelly Ekardt 3 years ago 2072 Views

We love Etsy here at Sense Organics. Etsy is a great way for designers and artists to get their start, It's a wonderful platform for artists to display their work and for people like you and me to find it! There are so many great pieces to be found on etsy and if it weren't for this great website, I wouldn't have found many of the designers I love today! Etsy takes you off the high street and puts you in touch with many indie designers. I love supporting smaller businesses as it's hard starting out and I want to help them along. So if you're looking for something unique you'll definitely find what you are looking for!

Here are some wonderful finds here: 

  1. Juniper Wilde Starry Night Cloud Pillow
  2. Oelwein Night Poster
  3. Made by Manos Gold and White Pots
  4. Yarning Made Heart Knitted Blanket
  5. Double Yellow Line Egg Tee
  6. Milipa Princess Diana Whale Pillow