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Ways to Strengthen the Natural Parental Bond with Your Newborn Baby

By Kelly Ekardt 4 years ago 2816 Views No comments

Sometimes new parents worry about not bonding with their newborn baby immediately. There is no script on how to bond with your little one, and it can take each parent and each child a different length of time to bond depending on a variety of factors. So don’t worry if it doesn’t happen as quickly as you expected.

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For some people, a natural parental bond with their newborn baby will be apparent within just a few minutes of birth, but it can take longer. Don’t stress out about it, and allow you and your baby to find your own rhythm and pace for bonding. In the meantime, here are six ways to strengthen the bond with your newborn baby.

Make skin-to-skin contact

Having physical, skin-to-skin contact with your newborn baby is a great way to foster bonding. Making opportunities to touch your little one and become physically intimate is important, but you can also take advantage of times when this can happen naturally, such as when you are dressing them in their baby clothes.

Look them in the eye

Take time to make eye contact with your baby whenever possible. Look at them when you’re talking or singing to them, when you play together and while you dress them. While newborn babies typically will not react overtly to eye contact until they’re around two months old, and usually won’t initiate it until around the three-month mark, newborns do have the ability to notice eye contact directed at them from as early as two days after birth. So start looking your little one in the eye as soon as they’re born, and they’ll know that you love and care for them!

Breastfeed as much as possible

If you’re able to start off breastfeeding your newborn baby, continuing to do so as much as possible is an excellent way to strengthen your natural maternal bond with them. The reason it is so effective because it is conducive to physical closeness and because it allows for quiet, intimate moments between mother and child. This is especially the case in the evening after you’ve wrapped them up in their organic sleepwear, as that is when babies often feed the longest.

Sleep together with your newborn baby

There are indeed many benefits to sleeping with your newborn, but one of the most obvious is that it can be a very intimate experience that will help you bond. Be aware though that there are some precautions worth taking if you decide you want to try it, but the rewards can definitely be worthwhile. Dress them comfortably for bed in their organic kid’s sleepwear, lay them on their back in bed with you, ensure there is nowhere they could get stuck in the bed, snuggle up and enjoy the immediate feeling of closeness with your little one.

Massage your baby

It may not seem like the most obvious thing to do, but giving your newborn baby a massage can be a wonderfully bonding experience. Not only will this allow you some intimacy and time to become closer to each other, massaging your child can have other benefits too. It allows you to become more familiar with their body and needs, and it can improve sleep quality, circulation, and even their digestion. It’s best to try to massage your newborn when they are neither tired nor hungry, nor too hot or too cold, and between nappy changes if possible.

Talk to them

Lastly, remember that whenever your newborn is crying or making noises, they are communicating with you. Talk back to them and let them know that you are there and you’re listening. It won’t happen right away, but if you pay attention, you’ll soon develop an understanding of what their cries mean and what they’re trying to tell you. But beyond that, the act of talking to your baby, reading them stories, or singing them songs could actually make them more intelligent!

While you’re picking out newborn baby clothes for your little one, think about the ways you could try strengthening your bond with them and try out one of these tips at home that you haven’t experimented with yet!