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Great Tips for Washing and Caring for Organic Baby Clothes

By Kelly Ekardt 2 years ago 1245 Views No comments

Buying organic baby clothes is beneficial for a number of reasons. Garments made from organic cotton are soft, hypoallergenic and free of any nasty chemicals. So when it comes to cleaning these garments, it’s easy to feel apprehensive about damaging the soft fibres. If you’re not sure where to start, have a look through our expert guide to washing and caring for organic baby clothes.

How to wash and dry organic baby clothes safely

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Conventional textiles are treated with chemicals to prevent shrinkage. As organic baby clothes are chemical-free, we’d suggest washing on a low heat to keep the shape. A 40°C cycle will remove stains and also save energy, which is good for the environment.
Avoid powerful washing machine detergents, as they are packed with harmful chemicals. Not only are these bad for your little ones; they’ll also degrade the fibres and dyes in your organic baby clothes. Opt for a mild, eco-friendly washing detergent. If you previously used a non-eco detergent, put your empty washing machine through a rinse cycle before washing organic garments.
Drying organic baby clothes at a high temperature will also lead to shrinkage, so air dry where possible. If you’re in a rush, run your tumble dryer on an air cycle which uses no heat. Fair Trade children’s clothes shouldn’t cost the earth, so making your washing and drying routine more eco-friendly is good for everyone.

Removing tough stains using eco-friendly methods

When organic baby clothes become stained, it’s easy to panic. You don’t want to use harsh chemicals to remove the stains, so how should you do it? There are a few tricks to eco-friendly stain removal, depending on the nature of the stain.
For food and drink stains, such as tomato sauce, try pouring boiling water over the stain. Don’t soak the whole garment, because this could lead to shrinkage.
If that doesn’t work, or if the stain is oil-based, try applying baking powder to the stain. Let it absorb into the fabric, then brush the stain gently with an old toothbrush. Once the stain is dry, apply some eco-friendly dish soap and let it soak in, before placing the garment in a bowl of lukewarm water.
Putting the garment through the washing machine afterwards should completely remove the stain. If it doesn’t, repeat the process until the stain disappears. For the toughest stains, look out for eco-friendly stain removal liquid that is suitable for organic cotton.

Can I wash organic cotton baby clothes with other items? 

Non-organic clothing is made with pesticides that are linked to impaired brain development in foetuses and infants. As a result, we advise that you wash organic baby clothes separately, or with other organic garments. The chemical residue from non-organic cotton can jeopardise organic baby clothes. If you’re worried about wasting water by doing lots of smaller washes, many washing machines have a “reduced load” option that you could use. Hand-washing by using an eco-friendly detergent is another choice for those times when you are between washes.

Caring for organic cotton baby clothes makes them last longer and ensures they remain safe for your little ones. Getting into a routine of harm-free washing will be better for you, your baby and the planet. The benefits of buying ethical children’s clothes shouldn’t stop when it comes to washing time! 

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