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Is a Vegan Lifestyle Right For You And Your Newborn Baby?

By Kelly Ekardt 2 years ago 1438 Views No comments

When people think of a vegan lifestyle, most will likely picture the kind of food they imagine vegans eat: lettuce, fruit, raw vegetables, and unappealing baked goods. But mostly lettuce, right? Of course, in two ways, assumptions like these are a long way from reality.

Firstly, vegans eat a huge range of food, and it’s not necessary to see going vegan as a decision to give up all your favourite food. Instead, it should be seen as a chance to find even better, cruelty-free alternatives!

Secondly, this assumption misses a larger point: That the vegan lifestyle is not limited to how we choose to eat. It involves everything we purchase and consume, such as making a decision to buy organic cotton baby clothes, fabric bags instead of leather bags, or medicines not containing gelatine.

A vegan lifestyle typically means avoiding anything that uses animals or animal by-products in its production process. Not only does this mean saying “no” to meat, dairy and eggs; it also means avoiding fur, leather, wool, or horse hair. The reasons for this are vast, and vary from person to person, but it usually boils down to animal welfare and environmental issues.

Why choose a vegan lifestyle?

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If you love animals and care about their well-being, a vegan lifestyle is the best choice to live your values, and be compassionate and respectful of all life. If you’re worried about the environment and your carbon footprint, making the decision to go vegan can be a huge step towards reducing your impact on the planet, and help to leave a better world for your children after you’ve gone.

Milking cows, taking chickens’ eggs and shearing sheep doesn’t harm them, right?

While it can be easy to imagine that dairy and egg production is a process that is entirely harmless to cows and chickens respectively, the reality can be much more gruesome. The same can be said for wool production, which conjures images of happy sheep frolicking through green meadows and occasionally being gently shorn when their coats grow too long. This, unfortunately, is often not the case.

Every purchase you make can have an impact on the industries that perpetuate these cycles of cruelty, which is why it’s so important to consider what you buy. Even buying organic cotton baby clothes can make a difference!

The sustainability question

The argument for the sustainability of a vegan lifestyle on a global scale is also a compelling one. For example, the amount of water required to raise cattle for meat or dairy production is astonishingly high. Eliminating animal products from your diet and purchasing habits will therefore not only prevent further cruelty to animals; it’ll also help towards creating a more sustainable world.

Is veganism safe for children?

There are actually a great number of reasons that eating vegan could be even better for your children’s health than a more typical omnivore diet, consisting of meat, dairy products and eggs.

Lactose intolerance

Babies are usually born with the ability to produce lactase — the enzyme that helps our bodies process milk — but after the age of two, this decreases, and can lead to lactose intolerance. Avoiding dairy products altogether (other than human breast milk, which is meant to be easy for babies’ stomachs to digest) can alleviate this problem, and help avoid issues such as bloating, headaches, vomiting or asthma.

The consumption of cow’s milk is also often linked to many allergies in children. Even things like ear infections and skin conditions can be caused by an allergy to milk.

What about protein?

Many people worry about a lack of protein in a vegan diet. The opposite problem, too much protein, is much more common in the developed world, and can potentially lead to weight gain or even cancer.

Protein deficiency is more of a problem in populations suffering through famine. The human body can get all the protein it needs from whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes as part of a balanced diet, and this goes for children’s bodies, too. And all the better if it’s organic!

So is a vegan lifestyle right for you and your children?

Beyond the many health and environmental aspects, raising your kids within a vegan lifestyle will teach them compassion towards living things, as well as helping illustrate wider concepts like respect and consent.

The benefits of a vegan lifestyle are plentiful, and with the World Health Organization advocating a lean towards a vegan lifestyle worldwide for reasons of health and sustainability, it may indeed be the right choice for us all!

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