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The Art Pantry

By Kelly Ekardt 3 years ago 1834 Views No comments

After a long days work it’s easy for me to pop on the tv for Edith after I’ve picked her up from nursery. Usually she’s quite tired as she has played her little heart out all day. I’m hurrying to get dinner on so I can start to get her ready for bed. I’m totally cool with having her watch some Curious George for a little bit, but I would actually like to eliminate the tv all together and keep it for special occasions or a movie with the parents. What was I going to have her do while I got on with things, I hadn’t come up with a great plan until I came across The Art Pantry.

The Art Pantry is a design studio specialising in children’s creative play spaces. Founded by Megan Schiller, designer and educator, their mission is to encourage children’s creative play and learning through inspired design. Megan believes that every kid should have their own creative space, even if it’s just a box they can pull off the shelve with art supplies in it. She has helped thousands of families create and set up a space for their kids to expand their imaginations through art.

Megan has prepared a step-by-step guide called The New Playroom on how you can create an art space for your child. You can go to her website and purchase and download a copy for yourself.

Here are three easy steps to get you started:

1. Set up a dedicated creative space, no matter the size (think quality over quantity) and stock it with quality, age-appropriate materials.

2. Help your child get to know the materials through experimentation and exploration.

3. Guide your child toward an empowered and independent use of the space, while keeping it fresh and organized (most of the time!).

She also challenges us mothers to a 30-day art challenge. She has prepared a guide called Invitations to Create with 30 art ideas to prepare for your child. They are super simple, easy to set up and allows your child to experiment with new art materials. I was really impressed by her ideas and plan on trying this out with Edith. You can purchase and download the guide from her website as well.

The Art Pantry is the perfect solution to no more tv!!!!!

Check out The Art Pantry here:

kelly xx