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Sunny Day Outfits

By Kelly Ekardt 3 years ago 3151 Views No comments


The sun is in the sky, warmth is in the air, the feeling of spring is everywhere!!!! We all have wanted for this moment for awhile now! This past weekend I spent in our garden soaking up the sun! It's was fantastic. My husband and I got loads of gardening done while our little one ran around in the sun. It's amazing how great you feel when the sun is out, especially here in England. Fingers crossed the weather continues on like this! And it the sun keeps shining then of course, your little ones must have the coolest sunny day outfits! Sense Organics has just want you need for those sunny days! Here's some great outfit inspiration to kick start the season. kelly xx

Boys Oufit: (top left)

Baby Boy Outfit: (top right)

Girl Oufit: (bottom left)

Baby Girl Outfit: (bottom right)