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Sleepless nights?

By Kelly Ekardt 3 years ago 1812 Views No comments


Sleepless nights with your little one? Boy do I know the feeling! It's been quite a roller coster with my almost 3 year old. I have to admit when Edith was a baby, she was a great sleeper. She started sleeping through the night at 3 months. Let's just say my friends were quite jealous of me. I felt quite proud that Edith was such a great sleeper, but unfortunately my husband and I did experience more sleepless nights as Edith got older. When it came to sleep training Edith, we didn't really have to do it. It kinda came naturally to us. We were very adamant about leaving her to settle herself to sleep. It worked for us. She was quite good at comforting herself to sleep. Friends always seemed to ask us how we did it. But once she turned 2 years old and we took the side of her crib off, sleep became properly difficult. We could no longer just put Edith in her bed and leave the room, it was a proper fight! It didn't help that she could escape from her bed. To be honest, we didn't know what to do. We ended up lying next to her until she fell asleep for months! It was extremely frustrating as we thought we had it all figured out! We had read many books advising us to let her scream it out or take her back to her bed without saying a word, but none of these tricks worked. We just had to grin and bear and hope that one day she would grow out of it! Thankfully she did grow out of it. She now is a good sleeper again. She does sneak into our bed at about 5am every morning, but we actually enjoy the family cuddle time in the morning before the busy day starts. Advice? I think as a parent you must do what's right for your child. You can read as many books as you like, follow friends advice, they may work for you, they may not. Our daughter Edith is very much her own person and I have always known that her father and I would have to come up with our own solution to solve a difficult situation. Luckily over time things usually settle down and become easier. I know too many parents that stress out about doing everything correctly, but what is the correct way? I believe that you must follow your gut, stay consistent and listen to what your child is telling you. I was reading a blog about Gentle Parenting the other day and they encouraged parents to really listen and pay attention to what your child is trying to communicate because if you do, you'll have your answer in how to get them to sleep or potty training etc. A few things we tried to help get Edith to sleep: Reading books about sleeping Singing to her before bed Playing music for her before bed We purchased a Gro Clock to help her realise when it was in the middle of the night and not time to get up! And a lot of patience! I'm not an expert on anything when it comes to parenting. All I have is my experiences. I wish you all the best with sleep training your child! kelly xx