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Shop Organic: Better for Baby, Better for Mother (Nature)

By Kelly Ekardt 2 years ago 2022 Views No comments

Many of us buy organic and fair trade food because we believe in what it stands for, but why does our social, ethical and sustainable consciousness stop at clothes??

Most of us care about what we eat. We want to know how and where our food was grown and that the farmers who produced it are getting paid fairly when they sell their produce.

We feel reassured that when we buy organic and fair trade goods, we are contributing to the global sustainability of those products. So why don’t we apply the same logic when we shop for our clothing?

baby and children's fair trade fashion sense - from seed to seam | sense organics

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More than 100 countries in the world grow and produce cotton, and many of these are classed as ‘developing countries’.

Cotton farmers in India, West Africa and South America often find themselves living below the poverty line as they are unable to negotiate a fair price for their cotton from other traders in the supply chain.

It Just Makes Sense

At Sense Organics we believe that beautiful clothes should have a beautiful manufacturing footprint too. Not only to ensure our baby and children’s clothes are of the highest quality, but also to guarantee a fair deal for the farmers that grow our cotton, and the factory workers that manufacture our garments.

We stand for ethical values and fair trade conditions because we believe that the clothes your children wear every day should be just as sustainable as the food they eat.

Organic Cotton is Better for your Baby

Non-organic cotton is considered the world's ‘dirtiest crop’ because of the amount of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides used during the farming process.

Some of the chemicals that are used in conventional cotton farming are extremely hazardous and, even though these chemicals are applied during cotton production, they have been detected in non-organic cotton clothing.

Your baby’s skin is naturally more sensitive and prone to irritation. Choosing baby clothes made from organic cotton will ensure you keep them protected from nasty chemical residues.

Organic Cotton is Better for Mother Nature

The synthetic pesticides used in conventional cotton farming have the potential to do great damage to the environment, and in most cases they do. Toxic runoffs have the potential to contaminate local water supplies, food and local wildlife, as well as damaging the very soil that the cotton is grown in, making it harder to produce the crop over time.

Organic cotton production does not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, which eliminates the risk of water and food crop contamination, is safer for local wildlife, and actually helps maintain and replenish soil fertility. As an added bonus, organic cotton also requires less water over the course of the production process!

Organic Fair Trade Cotton is Better for Everyone

Basically, organic, fair trade cotton is better for everyone.

This includes the farmers in the fields who benefit from enhanced health, better trade deals and job security.

And also the traders and retailers who help contribute to a sustainable market and who also gain credibility from selling fairtrade and organic products.

But it’s also better for you, the consumers, as you get to buy a healthy product, do good for the environment, contribute positively to cotton farmers’ livelihoods, and ultimately end up with gorgeous, pesticide-free, super-soft organic cotton clothes for your baby.

Check out our range of super-soft, 100% organic cotton baby and children’s clothes now and remember -- Every purchase at Sense Organics goes towards making our world a little better!