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No Kids Allowed!

By Kelly Ekardt 5 years ago 1972 Views No comments


I'm sure you've read or heard the ridiculous comments made by journalist Kelly Rose Bradford on the This Morning show, she believes kids shouldn't be allowed on planes. No kids on airplanes. Now that's a thought! I'm not going to lie kids can be annoying on planes espeically when it's not your kid, but to ban kids from traveling and experencing the world, come one, are you kidding???? 

I started flying from a very young age and my little one, Edith had her first flight at 6 months at that was a long hal flight to the States. I would never in a million years think about flying without Edith. Family holidays, visiting family as I am not from England, visiting some place new, these are all reasons to fly with your kids. I get it, if you don't have a kid, it's annoying, but where's the mercy, the compasion? Some kids unfortuantely aren't great flyers and that's a shame but who's to blame them, traveling can be a huge pain in the bum. 

In all fairness, I've sat by some high-maintanence adults while flying. On a trip back to the States for Christmas (many moons ago, way before Edith) my husband and I got bumped up to business class, ah yeah, super awesome and it was awesome. The lady sitting opposite us was a right pain in the bum, she complained about everything. So much so I wanted to throw her off the plane myself. So you see it's not just kids making all the fuss.

I do believe parents should educate themselves on better traveling tatics. There are a million and one blogs nd websites out there that give wonderful tips and ideas on how to get your little ones happy while traveling. I've been pretty lucky with Edith as she has always been a great traveler, but I also have had some time to figure out what tricks work best for her while on a plane. See I believe in a tactic called bribing, have you heard of it, it's a God sent. I brib her with all the snacks, i-pad and books that she can handle. It works wonders, I get to watch my movie and she sits quietly without making a fuss. I've learned that all the day to day rules go out the window when traveling. For me keeping the peace is the top priority. 

Being well prepared for your journey with kids helps. Make sure you have their favourite books, paper, crayons, flash cards and of course food! I usually purchase a small soft toy for Edith before a long flight and give it to her on the plane as an incentive to be on her best behaviour. I also try and stay as relaxed as possible while traveling. As soon as I start to get worked up or annoyed, she starts to react, usually in a bad way! 

I think when traveling people need to learn to be more patient and understanding. Believe me if your sitting next to a mother and their child and the child starts to kick off, it's not just you that's annoyed, the mother is too. So why not ask if you can help or start a conversation with the child to calm them down, try to make them laugh or order the poor mother a drink! Why not show a little grace? Cause I know that mother will be forever grateful and I'm sure the whole plane will be too!

Here's to flying with kids!!!

kelly xx