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Mother's Day Gift Guide

By Kelly Ekardt 3 years ago 1544 Views No comments

It's Mother's Day on Sunday here in England. It's important for us to let our mother's know how much they mean to us. This doesn't mean you have to go out and buy them something, but I think a thank you for all your love and support is nice. Not all of us get to see our mother's very often as they live so far away, so for those of you whot do see your mother's often, be reminded how lucky you are. I've always had a lot of respect for my mother, but I think my respect for her as risen since having my little one. I now understand what she meant when she would say, one day when you have a child, you'll understand where I'm coming from. And she was right, I don understand now. I don't know about you but my daughter is my life and soul. I love her more than words could ever describe and I would literally to anything for her. So call up your mother and just let her know how much you love her! To all the beautiful mother's out there!  

Kelly xx

1. Chive Hanging Sphere

2. Selfish Mother T-Shirt

3. Confetti Riot Wall Hanging

4. Matt & Nat Gil CrossBody Bag

5. Serve & Tell Recipe Journal

6. Constanza Style Collage Bracelet

7. St. Eval Tranquillity Candle

8. MCMC Fragances Love Oil Perfume

9. Nourish MInd, Body & Soul