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Kids Say the Funniest Things!

By Kelly Ekardt 5 years ago 2440 Views No comments

Kids they sure do come up with the funniest things to say! My little one, Edith, is truly hilarious! She gets it from her father. She loves making people laugh. But there is one thing I have learned with little ears, you do have to be careful what you say around them as they are like little parrots! They will repeat everything you say. My husband and I don't sensor words around our little one. We would prefer she hears it from us then from someone else. Now this doesn't mean we allow her to leave the house and say whatever she wants, but she is allowed to say certain words around us.

My husband's family has always been like this. There are words(curse) words that are completely acceptable. In my family any kind of curse word was not acceptable in any way. So when I hear him say certain things to his parents (in German obviously as he is German) I am quite shocked, but it's ok. I want Edith to know that with us she can be free to say things but she is to be very respectful and not say certain words in public.

I've always had a habit of saying 'for f**k sake underneath my breath when I find something really annoying. I never say it in anger but in more of an annoyious kind of way. I didn't realise Edith heard me until she actually used the phrase in the right context. To be honest, I had to leave the room because I was laughing so hard. Hearing a 3 year old say it was pretty hilarious! But I did have to tell her to not say the phrase because well, it's not the most appropriate thing to say. So then in return she kept telling me, "mama, I'm not allowed to say for f**k sake, " over and over again. Brilliant, I thought now I have brought more attention to the phase. Eventually, she forgot about it and hasn't said it since.

The lovely thing about our little ones, they are completely innocent to these words. They only say them because they hear it from their parents. I am looking forward to Edith coming up with new silly phrases but hopefully only the good ones and not my bad habit ones. The only thing I can think to do is always use kind, loving words around her and in return she'll do the same! So to all those little copy cats out there, keep being your beautiful little selves! To laughter, because they will always keep you laughing!!!

Have a lovely weekend!

kelly x