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How Buying Fair Trade Baby Clothes Will Help Make a Better World for Your Child

By Kelly Ekardt 2 years ago 2312 Views No comments

Although sometimes it seems that a lot of people have forgotten this, we all have an interest in creating a better world together.

For those of us with children, it’s more immediate because we all want the best for our kids and for them to have the best possible surroundings and opportunities to grow up with. While it might seem like just a small thing, it really makes social sense to buy Fair Trade baby clothes for your kids to contribute to making a better world to leave behind for them.

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Every purchase we make is a vote. Every time we lay down cash in exchange for something, we are showing that we support the industry behind it, the way it was produced and the conditions the people who made it work in. Buying Fair Trade baby clothes is one way to role model ethical consumerism because it contributes to sustainable environmental practices, stimulates a growing economy and fosters empowerment.

Leave behind a better environment

In order for factories to earn Fair Trade certification, they have to meet certain standards in terms of proper waste disposal, water runoff, use of chemicals, GMO ingredients and pesticides. They must also reduce their water and energy use in order to be granted the right to call their products Fair Trade.

By buying Fair Trade baby clothes, you can be sure that you’re contributing to an industry that is concerned with these things, in turn creating an ethos of mitigating harm to the environment. As a result, you’re promoting sustainable environmental practices which will mean a greener earth for your children to inherit.

Stimulate a more social economy

All Fair Trade certified employers must adhere to a strict set of guidelines regarding pay and work conditions. Fair Trade means that all employees are given a living wage, that there is no child or forced labour involved in production and that often workers are given a clean, safe place to live.

As a side effect, wider communities built around Fair Trade areas have more money to invest in housing, schools and access to healthcare for its members. This means that with your purchase of Fair Trade baby clothes, you are directly contributing to making people’s lives better!

Make empowerment possible

Workers having equal rights is also an important part of Fair Trade certification. Giving workers positions of power rather than putting them at the mercy of their employers fosters equality and gives them the leverage and respect that their work deserves.

This also means things like equal pay and rights for women, protection against sexual harassment and a safe working environment are all taken very seriously. Since we support our suppliers in the process of becoming certified, we are able to see the steps taken to ensure that these things happen and pass that peace of mind on to you.

Make a better world for your child

Every time we buy something we impact the world around us, so as parents, we are in a prime position to shape the world that we leave for our children. Wouldn’t you love for your children to live on a planet with a thriving ecosystem, a social economy and empowered citizens? When you buy Fair Trade baby clothes, you can know that you are part of what makes this possible because every purchase matters.