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Fun Healthy Halloween Snacks

By Kelly Ekardt 5 years ago 4890 Views No comments


Pumpkin Rice Balls

I'm from America and boy is Halloween a big thing!!! I have friends that start planning their costumes months in advance! And of course the parties and the trick-or-treating! It's a weekend full of fun and candy! But what if you have a little one? You really don't wanting them having too much candy. A few pieces here and there is fine but healthy is really the way to go. I found some really great healthy snack ideas for your little ones on Halloween. Having a party, then try these great ideas out. They will be winners for sure!!!!!

I'm definitely going to try a few of these out for my little one this weekend! 

kelly x


Candy Corn Pops

Cheese Broom Sticks

Frankenstein Pudding Cups

Deviled Egg Spiders

Banana Ghosts/Orange Pumpkins

Mummy Pizzas