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Fashion Revolution Day Success!

By Kelly Ekardt 3 years ago 2725 Views No comments


Fashion Revolution Day was such a success! Foundation Agency, our UK agency, hosted a party for the occasion. It kicked off at 12pm with Skype talks with our factory in Turipur, India and another factory in Nepal. We had several guests come round to ask the factory employees questions about their work and what they would like us here in the Western World to change about our shopping habits. The factory workers are campaigning for higher wages as living expenses have risen in India. In order for a pay increase for the workers, we have to be willing to pay more for our clothing. When they asked us this question over the Skype chat, many became quiet. This is a legitimate question. It's only fair that everyone working in the fashion industry be paid fairly so everyone can afford to live.

Here are Sense Organics we strive to provide our customer with clothing that is supporting our employees in India as well as here in the UK an Germany. We value each and everyone who is involved in making our brand. We ask that you start buying responsibly. If everyone could contribute just a bit, it would make a world of a difference. Here are some photos from the Fashion Revolution Party! We had dancing, music and a great sample sale!!!! There are several kids running around in London looking super cool in Sense Organics! Buy smart folks! kelly xx

Skype chat

Turipur employeesFRD photo boothFRD photo booth