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DIY Halloween Costumes

By Kelly Ekardt 5 years ago 3550 Views No comments


Washer/Dryer Costume

Are you ready for Halloween? I know my little one is. She's been ready for weeks now. Her nursery had been talking about Halloween for a while now and Edith (my daughter) is so excited. She's decided she wants to go as Cinderella. I tried to talk into going as something less princessy but she has her heart set on it and I want her to be excited about her costume. 

There are endless costume ideas out there! So many in fact I couldn't stop looking at all of them. There's no need to go out and spend loads of money on a costume, make it yourself. Don't worry if you're not into sewing, I've found diy costume ideas with no sewing at all!!! So not there is no excuse for not putting a great costume today for your little one. Here are some really cute ideas. Click on the name of the costume to find out how to make it.


Happy Halloween!!!!

Scuba Diver

Carrot Costume



Snowball Costume

Snowball Costume

Superhero Costume


Royal Highness


Spring Chicken