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DIY Advent Calendars

By Kelly Ekardt 6 years ago 2456 Views No comments

As advent starts Sunday I thought it appropriate to talk about advent calendars. To be honest I don't remember having an advent calendar growing up. I believe I started having an advent calendar when I moved to England. The first couple of years my husband and I just bought a pre-made chocolate one from the grocery store but as we now have a child it's quite important to have a nice one . Last year I made our advent calendar but unfortunately this year I'm a bit sort on time so I went ahead and bought a super cool one from Ferm Living!

I hope to make a really nice one for next year so we can keep for many years to come. It I were to make an advent calendar this year, I would definitely take inspiration from the ones below. I encourage you to get your creative thinking caps on, find some things around the house and get to making. It's always more special to make something yourself then to buy it! Happy Advent!!!!

In the Little Red House 


An Angel at My Table

Design Sponge


The Feminist Housewife



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