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October 2016

Dressing Your Newborn Baby for their First Winter

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The idea of taking your newborn baby outside in winter if you live in a cold climate can be a little nerve-wracking. However, if you make the proper preparations and take the necessary precautions, it should be fine. This is especially the case when dressing your little one in our organic baby clothes, when you can be assured your baby will be all cosy and comfy!

How you dress your newborn baby for their first winter will differ depending on what kinds of activities you’ll be doing with them. Where you are taking them and what you’re going to be doing will be the biggest deciding factors in this. What you opt to dress your newborn in during the winter will change if you’re staying indoors, going for a ride in the car, a walk outside, or to play in the snow.

Dressing your newborn baby for indoors

Baby Romper berry stripes with applique, Viktor | Organic baby clothes


The general rule for dressing a newborn baby is that they will need one more layer than an adult would be comfortable in. This still applies when you are indoors, so assuming that the temperature at home is set fair and you feel warm enough in a t-shirt and jumper, your baby will likely need three layers. A t-shirt and shorts or leggings covered by a baby boy or baby girl romper and then a sleepsuit for indoor play should do the trick!

On the other hand, be careful not to overdress your baby while indoors, as overheating can be problematic and uncomfortable for them. You may be inclined to check their temperature by feeling their hands, but hands and feet usually feel slightly cooler than the rest of the body. The best way to check if your baby is too hot is by feeling their belly, as it is closer to their core and will give a more reliable indication of their overall body temperature.

Dressing your newborn baby for a car ride

Correctly dressing to go in the car can be a bit tricky, as cars can be very cold at first in winter, but quickly heat up. The best thing to do in this case is to dress your newborn in layers of our organic baby clothes. If you’re heading to the car from indoors, the best idea is to keep your newborn dressed as they were at home, buckle them in and then tuck a blanket around them over the seat belt. This way, as the car heats up, you can remove the blanket so that your baby doesn’t overheat.

Baby Knit Hat black navy, Marcel | organic baby accessories


If the car is exceptionally cold when you first get in, you might also be tempted to wrap your newborn up with a hat and gloves. If so, just make sure that you can easily remove these items once it gets warmer inside the car. During the journey, make sure to keep an eye on your newborn for signs of overheating, in case they get warm quicker than you expect. These can include sweating, flushed cheeks and rapid breathing.

Dressing your newborn baby for a walk outside

Going outside for a walk in the pram to get fresh air is important for both you and your newborn baby, even if it’s cold outside. As long as there isn’t excessive wind, it’s a nice sunny, winter day, and your baby is at least three weeks old, going out in low temperatures is perfectly fine, as long as you dress appropriately. Indeed, in many places in Scandinavia, it’s common practice for parents to leave their babies outside in winter to nap!

mom and baby boy enjoying winter outdoor | organic baby clothes for winter


Again, follow the advice of adding one more layer to your newborn than you yourself feel you need to wear, and consider a baby pram suit as a base layer, adding a jumper, leggings and a jacket. Gloves and a hat will also be a good idea in this case, and you may also wish to consider adding a windscreen to the pram if it doesn’t already have one to avoid windburn.

As long as you wrap them up in enough layers and keep an eye on them for overheating, dressing your newborn baby for winter is easy, especially with Sense Organics’ extensive range of soft, warm organic baby clothes to choose from!

How to Throw the Perfect Baby Shower

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Throwing a baby shower is an old tradition that’s gained popularity recently with both mothers and fathers, and can be a great way to celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby and congratulate parents on their new addition to the family. Throwing the perfect baby shower takes some planning, with several things to consider to make it a day that the parents and guests will all enjoy and remember fondly.

From how to organise the shower to knowing what gifts to bring, let’s take a look at what makes the perfect baby shower.

Group of women on baby shower party having fun

What to consider before the baby shower

As the person assigned with throwing a baby shower, there are plenty of things to consider in preparation for the party. These might include:


  1. Should it be a surprise party?
  2. When should it take place?
  3. How long before the mother’s due date would be a good time to throw the shower?
  4. Who should be invited? Does it make sense to invite guests who live far away?
  5. Who from the parents-to-be’s family should be invited?
  6. Where should it happen? What’s the best location to host the baby shower?


Deciding whether to throw a surprise baby shower will depend entirely on how well you know the parents-to-be. If they are people who enjoy surprises, it could be a nice way to do something fun for them to take their minds off any lingering anxiety around the arrival of their newborn baby. However, it could not be a welcome surprise at all, or it could come at an inconvenient time if they have not be consulted beforehand.

Typically, a baby shower is thrown in the final few weeks of pregnancy, and can serve as a welcome distraction to the parents. It can take their minds off all the logistics of preparing for the arrival of the baby with getting all the necessary things like nappies, bottles and newborn baby clothes ready, while also fretting about how they’re going to dress their newborn girl or boy. Make sure that the date you choose doesn’t conflict with any other commitments the parents or important guests might have, like scheduled doctor’s appointments.

Like preparing for any kind of celebration, careful consideration should be taken with regards to who is invited, as interpersonal relationships at times like these can be somewhat delicate. This is definitely an aspect of planning the baby shower that you’re going to want input from the parents on!

Planning the baby shower

Should there be games?

Traditionally, people think of a baby shower as an opportunity to congratulate the soon-to-be parents on their pregnancy, give gifts and play silly games. However, you may decide that games do not make sense for the baby shower you’re throwing. Guests may prefer to spend the time socialising with friends and family, especially if it’s a relatively small group of guests who are invited. In larger groups, games can serve as excellent ice breakers, or a way of making smaller groups within which people can easily get to know each other.

Is a theme a good idea?

Whether or not you plan to have games at the baby shower, having a theme may work to your advantage. A theme can serve to tie together the decorations and activities, and even give guests inspiration on what kinds of gifts to bring besides typical things like newborn baby clothes. Possible themes for a baby shower could take their inspiration from a favourite book, musical, film or television series. More abstract ideas can work, too: seasons, colours or childhood memories all make excellent starting points for choosing a theme for the celebration.

What about food and drinks?

A baby shower without any food or drink wouldn’t be much of a party, so don’t forget to consider what will be served to eat and drink. Regardless of the time of day, you may wish to not serve alcohol at all, so that the mother doesn’t feel left out. Instead, serve mocktails!

Food that can be easily prepared in advance is always a good idea. If you’re throwing a baby shower at brunch, consider making quiche instead of omelettes, for example. Additionally, food that can be eaten with fingers, and easily served without the need for a lot of cutlery or utensils, will make it much easier to clean up afterwards!

Dealing with guests’ gifts

It may be a good idea to set up a registry of gifts for guests with the help of the parents-to-be, so that they don’t end up with all the same kinds of newborn baby clothes as gifts, and none of the other equally useful things they may wish to receive.

Girl Reversable Shirt stripes, Dolores | Organic baby clothes for girls


Alternatively — depending on how well the parents know all the guests — it may be appropriate to ask for a monetary contribution from them so that they can buy all their own boys or girls baby clothes as and when they need them. In this case, as the person throwing the baby shower, help to make this possible by getting the necessary bank details to guests, or perhaps even setting up a specific account where contributions can be deposited.

When putting together a gift list with the new parents, make sure to check out the organic baby clothes from Sense Organics for the softest and most comfortable items to dress their newborn baby in!