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October 2015

Fun Healthy Halloween Snacks

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Pumpkin Rice Balls

I'm from America and boy is Halloween a big thing!!! I have friends that start planning their costumes months in advance! And of course the parties and the trick-or-treating! It's a weekend full of fun and candy! But what if you have a little one? You really don't wanting them having too much candy. A few pieces here and there is fine but healthy is really the way to go. I found some really great healthy snack ideas for your little ones on Halloween. Having a party, then try these great ideas out. They will be winners for sure!!!!!

I'm definitely going to try a few of these out for my little one this weekend! 

kelly x


Candy Corn Pops

Cheese Broom Sticks

Frankenstein Pudding Cups

Deviled Egg Spiders

Banana Ghosts/Orange Pumpkins

Mummy Pizzas

DIY Halloween Costumes

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Washer/Dryer Costume

Are you ready for Halloween? I know my little one is. She's been ready for weeks now. Her nursery had been talking about Halloween for a while now and Edith (my daughter) is so excited. She's decided she wants to go as Cinderella. I tried to talk into going as something less princessy but she has her heart set on it and I want her to be excited about her costume. 

There are endless costume ideas out there! So many in fact I couldn't stop looking at all of them. There's no need to go out and spend loads of money on a costume, make it yourself. Don't worry if you're not into sewing, I've found diy costume ideas with no sewing at all!!! So not there is no excuse for not putting a great costume today for your little one. Here are some really cute ideas. Click on the name of the costume to find out how to make it.


Happy Halloween!!!!

Scuba Diver

Carrot Costume



Snowball Costume

Snowball Costume

Superhero Costume


Royal Highness


Spring Chicken

Favourite Reads!

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My little one loves to read! She sleeps with her books, that's how much she loves to read. I am very proud of her interest in books. With her imagination going absolutely wild at the moment, books help feed it!

The other day I stopped into my local bookshop Picked Pepper Books and picked up a few new books for us to read before bedtime. It was definitely time for a new book! We have exhausted all our others. I had a good look around and found two, really adorable books, Max at Night and The Little Gardner.

Max at Night by Ed Vere is about a cat name Max getting ready for bed and saying goodnight to all his friends. Unable to find his friend Moon, he goes on a little adventure to say goodnight to the moon. The Little Gardner by Emily Hughes is a beautiful story with beautiful illustrations about staying persistent no matter what the odds are. The little gardner is having a hard time keeping up with his big gardner but soon someone comes along and help.


These two books I highly recommend. If you are in need of some new reads, march right down to your local bookstore and give them a try! kelly xx

Autumn, It's Arrived!!!!

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It's arrived, Autumn!!! We've been so lucky here in London with mild temperatures and sunny skies. But before long there'll be a chill in the air and long sleeve shirts and winter coats will be a necessity. I personally love the smell of Autumn and the chill in the air. There's something so refreshing about walking outside with the leaves falling around you and experiencing a bit of a chill. But don't worry, we won't let your little ones experience the chill! We have the perfect jumpers that will keep your little ones cozy. And we can't forget about our amazing coats! They are water resistent and have a very soft and warm fleece lining. They come in a bird and seal print that we guarantee your little ones will love!

This season we take you on a circus journey with strongman prints and ballerinas galore. It's a fun collection that will get your kids imaginations soaring.

Check out our lovely AW Collection here:

Little Edith and Luca had a great time trying out Sense Organics new collection!!!!