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April 2015

Who Made Your Clothes? Fashion Revolution Day

By Kelly Ekardt 3 years ago 2453 Views No comments

Who made my clothes is a question everyone of us should be asking themselves because it's a very important question. We often take for granted the convenience of today's shopping culture and remain naive to what's really happening behind the scenes in today's fashion world.  As a society we rarely think about the person behind the production of the garment we are wearing or about to purchase. Many of those making our clothing are not earning a fair wage and are working in horrible working conditions. This is tolerated in many developing countries because it's the only work they can get, but this does not make it right.

How are we going to change the way the fashion industry plays ball? How can we hold high-street brands accountable for their actions and the treatment of people throughout the entire supply chain process? We start asking that important question, who made my clothes?

Fashion Revolution Day started on 24 April, 2014 after the horrible Rana Plaza catastrophe in Dhaka, Bangladesh where 1133 died and 2500 were injured sewing garments of many of your high-street brands. On 24 April, every year millions from around the world join together and ask that important question, Who made my clothes? By asking this question, we are challenging the fashion industry to man up and take responsibility for its actions and to start becoming aware of the working conditions behind all the glam.

Here at Sense Organics we believe in production ethical and responsible fashion, we believe in seed to seam, meaning we know exactly who is picking the cotton, to who is dying our fabrics, to who is sewing our garments. We believe in treating our partners in creating our brand with respect and fairness. When your child wears a Sense Organics garment, you can rest assure every bit of love has gone into it from every person involoved. 

Join Sense Organics this Friday, 24 April by taking a photo of yourself with turing your clothing inside out and holding a sign asking the question, who made my clothes. The tag on your clothing is not telling the whole story, this is why we want to be more informed and bring more awareness to the world!

Instagram this photo and use the hashtag: #fash_rev and #whomademyclothes? and make sure to tag those big high street retailers. We want them to know we care!!!!! There are many events happening all over London this Friday, check out Fashion Revolutions website for a current list of events in your area. Get involved! Start asking questions!!!!

Sunny Day Outfits

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The sun is in the sky, warmth is in the air, the feeling of spring is everywhere!!!! We all have wanted for this moment for awhile now! This past weekend I spent in our garden soaking up the sun! It's was fantastic. My husband and I got loads of gardening done while our little one ran around in the sun. It's amazing how great you feel when the sun is out, especially here in England. Fingers crossed the weather continues on like this! And it the sun keeps shining then of course, your little ones must have the coolest sunny day outfits! Sense Organics has just want you need for those sunny days! Here's some great outfit inspiration to kick start the season. kelly xx

Boys Oufit: (top left)

Baby Boy Outfit: (top right)

Girl Oufit: (bottom left)

Baby Girl Outfit: (bottom right)

Kids Spring Sandals

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Have you seen our gorgeous Spring/Summer Collection? I'm sure you have! It's full of sweet prints and comfy clothes for both the boys and girls. My little one is so fond of the lemon print skirt! As the weather is becoming warmer, it's time to start thinking about purchasing sandals for the little ones! As we don't design shoes, I picked a great selection of sandals that will look so great with our spring collection! Now your kids outfits are complete! 

Enjoy my great selection of super stylish sandals!

Happy Spring!

kelly xx

  1. Zara Animal Print Leather Sandal
  2. Birkenstock New York Sandals 
  3. Pepe Palma Coral Sandal 
  4. Pom D’Api Plagette Lagon Sandal 
  5. Ocra Boys Green Sandal 
  6. Zara Leather Boys Flat 
  7. Pepe Sula Sandal 
  8. Sun-San Shark Sandals 
  9. Chloe Two-Toned Sandals 
  10. Tip Toey Joey Parky Shoe 
  11. Tip Toey Joey Swoopy Sandal

Sense Organics Easter Basket

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Look what we got in our Easter Basket!!!!! Easter eggs, a chocolate Easter Bunny and some amazing pieces from Sense Organics Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. These pieces are perfect for Easter Sunday. Your little ones will look gorgeous in their new clothes while be so comfortable. We are loving the lemon bloomers with the long sleeve white top and the flower skirt with the polka dot shirt and for those handsome boys, our blue chinos are perfect to dress up or down! So get yourself to our webshop right now and purchase some gorgeous pieces for your little one and while you are there take advantage of our 10% off our amazing skincare line!

Happy Easter!!!!

kelly xx