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November 2014

Great Advent Calendar Trinkets

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I love the excitement of advent! I probably get more excited about it then Edith, my little one. I enjoy finding little trinkets for a big surprise each morning. Most people give chocolates for advent but as my little one is 2 1/2 years old, chocolate isn't an option. I enjoy finding little things that she can fit in her pocket or walk around with . Stickers, tattoos, cars, crayons are big hits for my little one at the moment. I figured advent happens only once a year so why not make it special and exciting. I want to create a lovely memory of this wonderful time of year. Happy Advent!! test description

1. My Little Day Gold Crowns

2. Baby Squirrel Night Light

3. Velveteen Wall Hanging

4.  Atsuyo et Akiko Jewel Ring

5. Mibo Paper Toys

6. A Mini Penny Peacock Necklace

7. Numero 74 Mini Glitter Wand

8. Numero 74 Glitter Star Hair Clip

9. Lego Figure Crayons

10. Trabant Toy Car

11. Tattly Circus Set Tattoo

12. Pustefix Bear Bubbles

13. Dino Figure Puppet

14. Numero 74 Soft Toy Camera

15. Kidsonroof popup Card

16. Sonny Angel Doll

17. Flippin Pet

DIY Advent Calendars

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As advent starts Sunday I thought it appropriate to talk about advent calendars. To be honest I don't remember having an advent calendar growing up. I believe I started having an advent calendar when I moved to England. The first couple of years my husband and I just bought a pre-made chocolate one from the grocery store but as we now have a child it's quite important to have a nice one . Last year I made our advent calendar but unfortunately this year I'm a bit sort on time so I went ahead and bought a super cool one from Ferm Living!

I hope to make a really nice one for next year so we can keep for many years to come. It I were to make an advent calendar this year, I would definitely take inspiration from the ones below. I encourage you to get your creative thinking caps on, find some things around the house and get to making. It's always more special to make something yourself then to buy it! Happy Advent!!!!

In the Little Red House 


An Angel at My Table

Design Sponge


The Feminist Housewife



New layer...
New layer...
New layer...

Tis the Season

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Can you believe advent starts on Sunday? Absolutely craziness! I just ordered our advent calender this last week and I need to pick up some goodies to go into the calender. Last year I made our own advent calender but unfortunately time seemed to be nonexistent this time around . And Christmas presents, yep got get my list together, my oh my so much to think about. But there is a way to stay stress free this holiday season. Here are my top ten ways to stay stress free this season:

1. Sit down and make a list of everyone you need to buy for this season, along with who to send Christmas cards too.

2. Ask what everyone is wanting. There's nothing worse than receiving an unwanted gift.

3. Don't second guess your present choices or take too long deciding on what to get. This will just confuse you. Go with your instincts.

4. Stick to your budget. There is no reason to go into to debt over the holidays.

5. Christmas is about family and friends, don't forget the best present of all is spending time with your besties.

6. Do your research. Find out where to purchase the gifts and then plan out your shopping trip accordingly. This will keep you in line so you don't over spend or take too long shopping!

7. Listening to Christmas music to get you into the holiday spirit. Everyone loves to sing along to a cheesy Christmas song!

8. When decorating your home and decorating the Christmas tree, make it a family affair. Everyone loves to participate in decorating the tree!!

9. Allow yourself a nice big glass of wine and a bath this holiday season. It's the best way to lower your stress levels.

10. Remember to have fun this season!!!! Don't take it too seriously. The season is about friends, family, giving, drinking and eating!!!! It's suppose to be fun!!!!! Wednesday I'll be sharing some fun advent calenders ideas! So stayed tuned!!!!

kelly xx

What Are You Thankful For?

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Image by Incidental Comics

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving! Yes you may have just guessed, I am American. I am an American living in London, England married to a German. Quite international I would say. As an American, Thanksgiving is a big day for me even living here in England. Each year my husband and I host a Thanksgiving dinner at ours with an array of exotic and interesting guests. I am usually the only American attending our annual feast. I do love introducing everyone to this holiday full of family, friends, and copious amounts of food. But Thanksgiving is not just about the massive amounts of yummy food and American Football, it's about taking a moment and asking yourself what you are truly grateful for. The more grateful you are about things in life, I believe the happy you will be. Gratefulness brings contentment and contentment brings peace. Ungratefulness, I believe can create resentment and a cloudy view of what is really important. Ideally, we should be grateful everyday and not just on annul holidays but sometimes we need a big holiday and family to remind us just how lucky we really are. What are you thankful for today? And just because I am super excited about Thanksgiving diner, here is what's on our menu this year! Turkey Ham Mashed Potatoes Cream of Corn Green Beans Sweet Potato Mash Bread Rolls a total must! Apple Pie Pumpkin Cheese Cake and of course beer! We will be watching the football game after all!!!! I promise you I will be in a food coma come Saturday night!

kelly xx

Sense Orgaincs: What is it All About?

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As many of you know, Sense Organics has now started a blog!!! Yay!!!! I, Kelly Ekardt, will be writing the English portion of the blog and Andrea Zschocher will be writing the German part. Together we are here to inform you about what Sense Organics is all about as a brand and to clue you in on what we love and are into at the moment. There is so much to learn and know about ethically produced clothing. There are many companies that falsely proclaim themselves as eco companies but in reality are not. So what does it mean to truly be an ethical company? And what sets Sense Organics apart from other ethical, fair trade children's wear companies? Well, first off it starts with how your cotton is grown and where it's manufactured. Sense Organics produces all its garments in India; there are absolutely no chemicals used in the process of growing the cotton and picking it. It's very important as a company to know who is making your clothing. Ethically produced clothing is not just about how the cotton is grown; it's also about how the people you employ are treated. All companies should follow SA8000 guidelines which protect the rights of workers, making sure they are earning a decent wage while working in a safe environment. Because we all know happy people make happy products. It's also vital that the dyes used during the creation of the garments are chemical free. It's all fine and dandy to dress your kids in cool clothing but it's not cool if it irritates their skin. So as you can see there are many aspects to being considered ethical and fair trade. It's about the production from start to finish and about the people involved. Doing that extra bit to create a product that benefits everyone can change the world for the better and that is what Sense Organics is all about. And I personally am very glad to be a part of a team that cares about the environment, the people involved and our children!

Slowly starting to be a family

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beginnings with a baby


After giving birth, the journey continues in this exciting new life . From now on we parents are responsible for a new life. A baby needs time to come in this world and find their way around . However, parents can accompany supportive , but ultimately time will tell. And even if the first few weeks might be challenging , a baby learns incredibly fast and incredibly much . Throughout  all this time the most important thing is to give love and security .

When it is possible the parents should alternate. One asleep, one takes care of the child . Search reliefs , accept help . Nobody has to do everything alone . In the exciting new period it´s just the parents and the baby that counts, everything else is secondary .

After a few months, everybody have become accustomed to each other and the common journey of discovery really starts . Hands, feet, hair, suddenly everything is exciting . Things can feel cool, warm, wet or dry . A baby learns to understand the environment . And we parents? We learn it all over again.  We suddenly are afraid of the tiny things, hear noises everywhere, fear danger around every corner.  At the same time , we suddenly do the biggest nonsense, have incredible patience and forget the world if the baby smiles at us. Isn´t this  clever designed by nature? It ensures that we grow together, slowly but steadily to be a family one day . Unnoticed, bit by bit, but always solid .

How about you ? When did you had the feeling that you grew together as a family? We look forward to your comments .

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New beginnings

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new beginnings with a baby

" In all beginnings dwells a magic force " ... as it´s said in Hermann Hesses famous poem " stages " .
That is a beautiful reminder in general, but  considered living with baby it´s a little bit more . This very first time together is something quite unique . Rarely in life one is so demanded , so helpless and so happy .

Giving birth starts a new life

The new life begins at birth , which is an overwhelming event , something unforgettable for all parents . Even after decades, the birth will be remembered , and , let's be honest , we also like to hear abou it from our parents.
I can not hear often enough as it was with my mother at that time anyway. And our children will certainly not endure otherwise .


Because the birth of a baby is something unique and unpredictable . All medicine , all the technology notwithstanding. And that's good , it´s part of the miracle of birth to not knowing exactly what happened . As long as we embark on this adventure, all is well. Because what comes next , learning , living with baby is coming . Live for the moment , feel the magic and enjoy it , this first initial.

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